chat f Black Lives Truly Mattered, Defunding The Police Wouldn’t Be A Conversation — Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

When you wave a Black Lives Matter Flag, does that mean you want to police not to kill criminals?

Are all the black people you know, affiliated to criminals?

When you try to tell a black person how to think, and you wear a Black Lives Matter t shirt, and you have a flag; does it make you feel better?

Is it good to correct them about how, they need to tear down a statue that would remind their children and future generations of the supposed oppression?

Do you believe that history repeats itself; but in different forms?

Did you live through segregation in your area?

When a black person felt like they had a difference of opinion, did you ignore them?

Is a black person truly your equal, would you allow them to have your grandchildren?

Why are you not working for the future and your grandkids? Are you a supremacist?

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