chat How has Trump changed the world?

This written piece is a reflection, and within the reflection are articles, or sources of data helping with the reflection. It is needed for 2021. This process of reflection is to help ascertain a balance in the mind. It may not work for everyone, but rationality is needed when everything is changing. Bear in mind that I write in English, ergo spelling is going to be in British Standard and how you critique styles of interpretation is based on influence. Following the questions to help through rational thinking:
Are people still able to question everything?
Are we still able to think outside the box?
With “critical race theory” as the new norm; are we now dysfunctional?
Is there any way we can heal after all the psychological onslaught on the internet?
Do we feel comfortable with our own independent thoughts?

Are people still able to question everything?

There are many different types of criticism methods which I have began to develop. In order for this to be beneficial, I will start with the basics of criticism and see if we are still able to adapt forms of critique and styles.

As questioning things is important, to evolve, to form a structure in life and obtain the evanescence. To absorb information in a more precise and constructive manner without, having to diverge.

The first critical style is Form criticism, in a nutshell, this form of critique is for literacy: poems, books, articles, the bible. The patterns that are formed are critiqued and the first person to do so, was Hermann Gunkel (1862-1932), a German biblical scholar- who looked at the Old Testament and studied it.

Although, I realise people like to argue about the fact people in Europe were the ones whom were first publicised. All the rest of the world, came later on because of publications. This is the very basics of how we structure our thinking and how we ascertain a different perspective in a rational way.

According to John spacey (2016), there are 21 forms of criticisms. So, he explains briefly from: witty, logical, bias, groupthink, practical, persuasive, self-censorship, naïve, lousy, biased and actionable to name a few.

Please, read these carefully and use them to your advantage when even placed in a situation where you have to answer a question. It suddenly dawned upon me through reading John Spacey’s short snippets that we may be going through an era of lousy criticism which spacey describes as:

Poor quality criticism which is long, tedious, self-righteous, mean spirited, personal, vague, irrelevant, illogical, non-actionable, poorly researched, cowardly or untruthful.

John Spacey (2016)

I would have to agree with him as I cannot believe that “White fragility” is the number 1 book. I mean, if Hitlers -Mein Kumpf was available again, would you buy it?

How about the fact we have not been able to give people the benefit of the doubt since Trump for a long time. Did we always go around assuming that everyone is bad?

Or, that we knew how another person felt without asking them?

Did we really become so obnoxious before Trump?

Have people really still not reflected and tried to change their behaviour?

Or, are we brainwashed into some self-censorship because we are afraid of what other people may think?

I spoke to a relative, during the end of 2020, after this pandemic.

I noticed they did not like that I asked questions. But, they did not seem to understand that I do not like to assume I know what they are thinking.

It is like living in a paradox, where they will diverge the conversation and then tell you; feelings and your predictive personal criticism is not meant to be challenged.

Of course it is!

I like to be challenged, or else, I will not improve.

weird and wonderful (2021)

Stop looking at my background and my intellectual endurance, see that I have come along way and I like to challenge my own thinking.

If I do not ask questions, then, I will not know: how a person feels, or how I should react and empower a person.

Are we still able to think outside the box?

Through research I was able to discover, more in depth analysis of thinking. There are five different ways to think according to Forbes Holly Green (2012) and I have added more information if you click on the words it adds further research:

1.Critical thinking is the mental process of objectively analysing a situation by gathering information from all possible sources, and then evaluating both the tangible and intangible aspects, as well as the implications of any course of action.

2.  Implementation thinking is the ability to organize ideas and plans in a way that they will be effectively carried out.

 3. Conceptual thinking consists of the ability to find connections or patterns between abstract ideas and then piece them together to form a complete picture.

4.  Innovative thinking involves generating new ideas or new ways of approaching things to create possibilities and opportunities.

5.  Intuitive thinking is the ability to take what you may sense or perceive to be true and, without knowledge or evidence, appropriately factor it in to the final decision.

There are many people whom have a degree and are unable to use these processes of rationality to form a decent argument. Hence, why I believe we have been in a Lousy critique stage where we are going to face alienation as opposed to productive, or useful nature in society. This maladaptive approach, has lead us all to believing that a type of critical cynicism on the law should apply to all things. By this, I am talking about critical race theory. As everyone has the ability to be racist.

It needs to be challenged. Everything needs to be questioned. So, has Trump created a world where people have questioned why life has had these symbols of history to prevent the same occurring again?

I think, after seeing statues being pulled down, we are unable to remind the future generation of where we are going and that mankind has the ability to overcome it. So, lousy criticism has led us down a path where, we read opinion pieces that led people to say “ORANGE MAN BAD”.

Then, all rationality goes out the window.

We are not able to process and adapt to situations.

We just settle for what we think is comfortable. We do not ask questions. It is wrong. Face value and judgments are best.

Some part of me is hoping we change and evolve from judging one another in the manner where it is counterproductive, but I am dubious, it will happen. We have been doing it for so long. It will be uncomfortable to begin with a path to change.

With “critical race theory” as the new norm;

are we now dysfunctional?

I would like to continue living in the bubble of lies, but, we have been doing this to the point now, where the virus has become the part that showed how dysfunctional we were.

As we have to look at our own health and we have to be rational about the situation.

All those whom have been irrational, have not been punished or ignored enough, I do not think.

I think the punishment lay on those whom did critical analysis and looked at history.

It is incredibly dangerous to alienate the people whom are able to think outside the box and give an alternative reasoning.

So, we can stop thinking with our emotions and use our skills to adapt. This toxic way of judging the system which is one size fits all, only creates more tension. More hostility. You are one in your nation of people. You have to be apart of the solution not the problem.

Is there any way we can heal, after all the psychological onslaught on the internet?

Truly honest, no. (sighs)

We have to get rid of most of social media because it was an experiment, which has led to the demise of so many. What we really need is rehabilitation in education and also, to structure things in a more productive manner. As this has all been, a bit of a regression of our own moral and ethical decision making.

If social media was empirical and it was ethical, then, sure keep it. But it has not been. It has been a division maker and used as a tool for decision making, because people have been lousy critics.

Do we feel comfortable with our own independent thoughts?

We all needed the quarantine. We needed time out, then, time to rationalise our behaviour. When we all participate in this, from an individual perspective. It will give us all the chance to understand the following:

Perhaps, we do not want to have our own elections devalued for the greater forces?

Perhaps, we want to be independent in thinking?

Perhaps, we want to give people the benefit of the doubt, ergo, we would use “presumed innocence?

Perhaps, we need to question our own government proceedings into altruism, to look at each individual case?

Perhaps we need to think differently, full stop?


    • Thank you very much. I tried to be as rational as can be under the circumstances. However, I cannot lie- Biden looks like he should retire; I do not think he has the ability to help us think differently at all.


  1. Can we think differently??? I doubt it.
    We are too busy being told what to think.
    We are too gullible.
    Did Trump change anything? Yes he did. He made us aware that populist ideas are crap. There’s much more to life than money. Science does have answers and is far better than a narcissist’s gut feeling. The environment matters – it really, really matters. That narcissistic sociopaths can hoodwink more than 40% of the population. That things are not usually hoaxes – particularly pandemics. That those shouting fake news are usually the purveyors of it.
    But how many of us learnt the lesson?

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  2. I really enjoyed this post, gave me lots to think about. Too many people are attached to an ideology which prevents critical thinking. Social media of course has only greatly enhanced this.

    I agree with you that the pandemic has revealed how truly dysfunctional our society has become. Trump too has brought this out in the open.

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  3. I’m not so sure White Fragility, the book, represents a broader range of a basis for critical thinking life. It’s about white perceptions of communicating about racism. Oddly I think that whole business about what defines the racism that many people find so racist, and others think is not. But beyond that…

    “As questioning things is important, to evolve, to form a structure in life and obtain the evanescence.”

    Interesting word (I had to look it up) but it seems synonymous with a measure of permanence. I don’t know that in the truest state that life itself reaches a point of permanence as things human seem transitional, hence evolutionary. This would also include social constructs.
    As for Trump as some influence…. he is nothing but an anomaly but he has been an inspiration for a number of people who have felt a political non-representation. He has also fulfilled that part of the human condition that is attracted to strong personalities at a time of personal need, want, or desire for something they cannot achieve… generally economically. By his demonizing things, people, and events he puts a measure of substance to those people who feel victimized in society, and simply do not trust government in general.
    In other words, I’m not too sure Trump himself has changed our way of thinking in general for generations to come. All he has done has made lies and untruth believable, the gaslighting of same, being reason enough for people in general to assign as reasons for what they perceive is their sorry lot in life. Keep in mind this is not to dis those folks.. but rather Trump as a catalyst has brought out deeper social and political problems surrounding a segment of society that needs.. attention. Just my perception.

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    • I did think that we needed to stop critiquing the whole, race theory because it has developed into a dogma.

      We want to achieve but then, we leave it to the people whom supposedly know what they are doing. I did not realise I became a lousy critic until I went through the process of extracting the quality, is the metaphor for evanescence.

      We needed him to do what he has done, to make us challenge our perceptions. Especially in regards to this pandemic and how, we judge our own leaders.


      • I’d be very careful to take Trump at anything other than face value. I am positive that your past personal critiquing was perfectly valid for what you perceived at the time and requires no apologies to anyone. Growing your own awareness is a normal application of being curious beyond the obvious. Also keep in mind… you had a Churchill to rise up out of the political morass back in 1939 by which your parents and grandparents found the strength to carry forward in spite of the bombings. Leaders like that who can rise to such an occasion are very rare. Being in a world-wide pandemic… I am afraid you will find leaders, elected leaders, grossly incapable of all being “Churchills” and doing the right things to rally the populace and calling all the shots correctly if for nothing else than so few in modern history have come up with anything like this killing off the population and clogging health systems. So be careful there how you formulate critiquing the people in charge. Some might surely need it.. while others never envisioned being in charge during something like this.
        Trump is not an inspiration for anyone.

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