chat How to not suffer with Special Snowflake Syndrome – by weird and wonderful


The whole point about being a special snowflake is that you are proud to be different. I  think  it would be a bit difficult for those whom became adults in 2000 – 2014, to be different. It has been an enormous uphill struggle trying to find a job or something you are good at. It has been strange because many have grown up and moved on with their lives and did not even worry.

The generation before us were able to get a house without suffering getting a mortgage it is normal to want them to die. So that we can have families and get on with our lives. This is not special snowflake syndrome. This is a spacial awareness. This is having the ability to progress.


A special snowflake does not have the ability to progress. They like to complain all the time about petty things like your gender specification; or they like to complain about your relationship status instead of focusing on their own problems. Or they get married and lose the reason why they got married in the first place. They end up not feeling motivated to do anything but feel sorry for themselves. They make no plans for the future to work together with their husbands and wives; therefore they become special snowflakes because they would rather be aggressive in nature because they have lost their drive and passion for life. A special snowflake throws a tantrum because things are not going their way.  They have lose their sense of purpose because they would rather want materialistic goods instead of decent bonds with people whom can help them get by in life.

They like to complain all the time about which social category – I know a few special snowflakes and it did not matter what side of the political spectrum they were they would always refer back to social coding and race. As though you were in a teen movie looking at the mess hall in school, like the film Disturbing Behaviour (1998). They have the inability to understand that we grow up and then are able to rationalise our own decision making without having to be violent. I have no idea of how to say this but a special snowflake only likes  to keep things simple and they cannot have a conversation or a debate about anything, because they get so aggressive about some topic.

Oh here is an example: I was at work. I was questioned about the Rachel Dolezial case. I am mixed so I really do not feel as though it is a tragedy against a certain ethnic group. But these women I worked with were darker than I and thought it was a problem. I could not careless. Because I lived in Jamaica and I know there are many different cultures there and not just Africans, so I found the whole topic a bit discriminating. So they wanted to turn me into a special snowflake. Guess what????? I do not care. I will not racially profile a person; I feel no need to covertly discriminate against people and make the world into them against us. I think these people needed to get a grip because their hatred was so bad, I felt sorry for white people.

It made me think they would find it impossible to get on with white people. I do not want to live like that but these people were acting like they were so offended that even I offended them with my; each to their own approach. Rachel Dolezial does not offend me and nor do people who like to tan. I listen to metal and I do not get offended. I think they were offended by me listening to metal. This is how special snowflakes behave, like they will actually kill you because you are not respecting their special snowflake syndrome.

I do not have time for you to turn me into a snowflake. 

The special snowflakes like safe spaces. Why? What could you possibly want to do? Kill someone? Maybe special snowflakes want to be diagnosed with their problems, but cannot because there is no diagnosis for being over sensitive, about such social issues which creates hate.

A lot of people have argued that men have become special snowflakes because of feminism and they counter argue the feminist culture rise because of the hyper-sensitivity of women. Other’s argue that special snowflakes want to be diagnosed with different mental health syndromes because they are scared to tackle what is really going on.

Many have argued that the hypersensitivity is also because many people are on prescription drugs and therefore it makes it impossible for anyone to reason with these people, because they are in a zone where you cannot communicate with them. Others have argued that the blind rage they see from these people are because of the narcissistic tendencies of facebook or other forms of social media; caused them to throw tantrums because of their crave for attention. The other angle is that facebook has created hypo – sensitive people because of the everyday posts you see.

Any way, the term special snowflake comes from Fight club:


I think that people are really sensitive these days and think about their individuality a lot. So much so that they cannot always see two sides to a coin and that people have different backgrounds and that perhaps some people really do not look at people’s skin colour.

Special Snowflake Syndrome is so bad because, they treat things like a popularity contest instead of being honest to themselves. However, when it comes down to the nature of people, maybe we are not able to communicate as much to one another. As we need time to think about what would be the correct thing to say; or come out with a better answer even over the net of all places; where you have time to look up an answer!!!! You can research if something is correct or not… but a special snowflake does not care how much evidence you have it always has something to do with their own point of view and their issue against the world.

The question has to be asked once more:

“Are we really meant to communicate with one another this much?”

–  perhaps it is overdrive for people, when they use too much social media.

As special snowflakes like to come out with none forms of reasoning debate with stupefied comments in regards to politics. Then then throw a tantrum about the left and the right and they never really have anything more than a couple. This a special snowflake. Someone who throws a tantrum and says a topic is about something entirely different and goes off on a tangent; you are stood their dumbfounded as they have so much more hate and ill will towards even their own countries. They do not care about the diversity that is already there and they do not care about people. It only makes it right to change the system so that more people have the opportunity to obtain their goals and earn money. However, a special snowflake is only concerned with their own agenda.

Some special snowflakes have been in education for most of their lives and they are in their late 30’s. They are unable to form relationships with people and counter block whatever you say; this is not healthy because you cannot even have a debate with these people without them having to call time out. Or they just say… I am sorry I do not understand. This is because they do not care about anything else but their own agenda.

The thing is, I am of this generation and I am sort of thinking that we have always loved to categorise people. However a special snowflake cannot handle diversity because it is already their in society. A special snowflake makes fun of people with social anxiety; and the worst thing about a special snowflake is that they will bully people out of a job because they love drama. Special snowflakes are toxic people. Very toxic indeed.

I have seen the younger generation fail to make social contact with one another because they are so used to communicating with people on the internet. However, when they are in a social environment their mood improves. It makes sense because human contact is good, but holding an actual reasoned debate; would be the next challenge. A special snowflake is unable to even hold a debate without screaming, or slamming doors, or being really horrid in personality by telling your boss to sack that person because that is toxic. Not everyone in this world will agree with you and not everyone in this world has to be have like a toxic person.

The only way to get this to work is by saying to people – society will not work this way; with you behaving the way you are behaving. You need to grow up and realise you are the same decaying matter as everything else/

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