A Blighty Tale: How are Children and Young People crime statistics so low?


Weird and Wonderful here trying to investigate why the level of crime has reduced for children and young people in the UK but never are able to get away from reading stories like this. Although they have left the EU, I have compared the statistics to prove feminists wrong.

Can anyone see the connotation here in this picture?

Before I talk about the problem of child killers. £ 9.50 holidays by collecting vouchers in the Sun, therefore they are promoting family holidays. This means, they want people to be together as a family. Therefore, the Sun are trying to eliminate the problem, perhaps???

Radical feminists, are you reading this? I hope you are, because I think it is not working some how. I think you need to look at your priorities. Who are the most vulnerable in society? We all grew up and somehow you must be ignoring your childhood. Was it really that bad? How come all the children have to suffer? I mean, it is not a bad thing you are allowed to have choices but children are meant to have a voice too. Sex in the city even had a couple who had a child for pity’s sake. You cannot use them as an excuse for your non-commitment issues.

Men, do not just “grab her by the p***y”, think about the future and your commitment issues and levels. Yes, she may have baggage or she may want to wait for a while but it may be in your best interest to make a solid bond in your relationship as well. Then put a ring on it. I do not see what is the problem. Have feminists scared you that much? Is there really going to be a better person around the corner? Is there really going to be a kind and considerate person who is going to  wash, cook and clean for you and hold down a full time job? If she does all these things and still smiles at you…. wed her. There is nothing wrong with it. I think it is quite admirable of a man to grab her by the p***y and say… you are married to me and you have done so many wonderful things for me and I want to make an honest woman out of you.

Why? Because according to the government and the media, family is more important to society in reducing crime. I will reveal how this story about such a little girl meant, her family were solid and they can actually look after their other two children and give them love and support. I also feel that I am sorry for their loss. It must have been an awful time for them to lose someone so young.

Please, have a look at the reasons why family is important. I do not think religion has anything to do with marriage any more,  because you can be bound together in civil matrimony but the role of the family according to the government in the UK is as follows Families in Britain: an evidence paper December, (2008) Cabinet Office, the Strategy Unit.


Also because this evidence is a pdf. I thought that many people would never glance at the evidence, so I took it upon myself to show you all what the government want. For them it is the outcome of society, and the reduction of government spending and welfare. The reduction of crime and poverty. What is your reason for neglecting young people?

I am the kind of woman who likes to contribute, but I do not belive in people taking my pension. If you take my pension from me then…. who is going to look after me when I am older. My kids?????????? My husband?????? What if my husband dies…. heaven forbid but, worst possible outcome has to be questioned. What then??? So, for all those who are using welfare up and not contributing back into the system, you are depriving yourselves later on.

Men are meant to earn more than women because of the fact they cannot give birth. If they did then they will need time off work to carry the child through the full term, sick days off for morning sickness e.t.c. The fact of the matter for men is they work a heck of a lot more than women. It makes no sense for women to complain about a biological issue that would take centuries of scientific research to make things equal. Just accept who you are, and accept that we have a role as mothers.  Because we are meant to look after the children.

Any man who argues the other way, can be known as an abuser; because you are not meant to take on the two roles. One parent must be able to nurture the child. One parent has to bring home the money. If you want to swap roles then sure negotiate between you but empathise that  you are never going to be able to do everything, it is impossible for you and you must respect that a woman has a role and a responsibility.  If a woman cannot pay financially then you are financially abusing her, and I think it is about time that this be put forward because it is abuse.

If you are holding back a woman from looking after her child at home whilst you slave away at work, even if you are separated, always think about the child and what is best. Abusing someone emotionally and telling them they cannot do things is just going to make a child not feel like a family is worth so much bother. This is why most women separate from their partners perhaps. It is wrong and maybe there needs to be an investigation of some kind because most single mothers or women out there suffer from poverty as the figures will reveal.

However, let us revert back to the values and the family functions shown in the (2008) Cabinet report:


Whereby it states division of labour. This is fair… I mean, some people like to use culture as an excuse not to have a job. However, if you want to be a stay at home mother this can also be argued as a good factor of contribution of labour because you are reducing child care costs. However, having a child spend a couple of hours a day in Nursery/ Kindergarten has been proven a successful social competency measure.

Meaning children become more socially adapted to the society and the community they live in. Which was one of the reasons why I can criticise many of the things that are offered, because sometimes being a mom is limited to what you know and certain countries have the criteria for child’s development that has to be met before they are a certain age. In some countries, it is consider as neglect if you do not introduce your child to that kind of school like environment.

The saddest thing about this Blighty Tale is that Katie’s parents just got married two weeks before her death.  Here is a picture of the lovely little girl  who lost her life. I think it is such a shame, to think her parents were doing the right thing and what is best for their children; only to have someone take it from them.


So this means that all the figures are right and that people in the UK are living in a community which does not see family as the norm. Perhaps crime is more important in the UK than even families? Or is it?

Child supervision and creation of cultural and social capital… is that not become the most important thing over affection?

I mean, this is a victim and she was about to have a normal family life. What could have been considered as normal in the 1970’s, but perhaps children think it is odd today? Maybe this child has been bullied because it is not the social norm. How tragic is that?

Not as absolutely abhorrent as these figures from gingerbread (2016)

Did you know, in the UK:

  • There are around two million single parents – they make up a quarter of families with dependent children  (i)
  • Less than two per cent of single parents are teenagers  (ii)
  • 66.5 per cent of single parents are in work  (iii)
  • The majority of single parents don’t receive child maintenance payments  (iv)
  • 47 per cent of children in single parent families live in relative poverty, around twice the risk of relative poverty faced by children in couple families (24 per cent).  (v)
  • The proportion of families with children headed by single parents has remained at around 25 per cent for over a decade  (vi)
  • The proportion of single parents who are fathers has stayed at around 10 per cent for over ten years  (vii)
  • The proportion of single parents in work increased from 55.8 per cent to 64.4 per cent over the past decade  (viii)
  • Single parents’ risk of poverty has fallen over the past decade, yet those in single parent families are still nearly twice as likely to be in poverty as those in couple parent families.  (ix)

Let’s be honest now… really cringe worthily honest! You are not going to get a job as a mom in the UK if your child is under 5. (Feminists please, shut up!) I did not like handing my child over to anyone. It was not my choice. Poverty prevented me from doing my job as a mother. And yes I was abused, but it was not like you were helping me as women where you.

You basically went on about how fantastic the burka  is and how great this is for things.

  • What about the children?
  • What about the way in which crime has risen because of the neglect of children???
  • However, if you are working then who is raising your child, as a single parent???????
  • Once they have finished after school club or whatever…… or if they are struggling with their homework??? Who is there for them?? Is it their grandparents whilst you work, or , a baby sitter, or a childminder????
  • Who is there trying to instill  the moral compass or guidance  into children’s minds??
  • Who is propelling their negativity. What is influencing them to cause violence?

I mean we are looking at the figures and there seems to be a decrease which therefor indicates that there has been a decline in marriages an a huge decline in Sweden, Denmark, Italy and the UK. Bear this in mind Katie’s parents got married at the beginning of this year and these figures are nearly over 10 years old. 0,6

But then the recent figures correlate with the location of Katie who was born in Yorkshire and surprisingly enough her parents joined the 1,237, 319 married people in Yorkshire. Which is found in UK Births, Deaths and Marriages (2017)


Thus,  when looking at the figures for the people who are married in the UK to the amount born there is still a little bit of an underlying problem of crime rates. To further add to the governments report back in (2008) which states that crime is reduced when families stay together. Reading the Youth justice statistic reports (2014):


There has actually been a reduction in child crime but there is a problem with violent crime. Now, I looked at this report and I wanted to find out why. If there has been a reduction, it could be possibly linked to the increase in marriages and the acceptance of same sex marriages.

Also, there seems to be an increase in people living apart according to these figures which could mean that children are seeing people be happy apart and do not see, violent behaviour, thus it could mean that they are beginning to have a better perception of how relationships should be.


As being in a relationship between the ages of 16-59 who people are living apart but have a good relationship have increased. It could be argued that they feel that, trust and a good steady bond is formed if they wait a little longer. This is probably one of the reasons why the crime levels have decreased. However, this study was done in 2003 and 2007 and at the time there was high levels of crime. So it could be argued that the correlation between the same sex marriages and the acceptance of gay marriages and civil partnership has reduced crime over a period of time.

However looking at the crime reports of (2014) violent crime is still a problem in the UK:


This is crime against a person. A valuable thing to note about this is the fact that young people in the UK are still committing crimes in theft as well as Violence against a person. This is not really the most beneficial chart to look at in terms of peoples values.

How they feel about another person and if they could harm a person. It looks like this is a norm for them.  Referring back to the incoherent values of the government insisting that both parents work is probably inflating these figures.

Therefore, I really do think that if we analyse the data for Europe Eurostat: Crime and Justice reports for juveniles (2016) then the correlation becomes even more apparent:


The highest figures are the following countries who may want to look at their values again: Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Slovakia.

I will show you some really interesting facts. This is about 10 – 18% of your population. I am shocked you are not trying to do something to change this. I am surprised you are not worried about young people. You have been weirdly named and shamed. Hopefully the media will stop lying to you and you can deal with your problems.

Now lets go back to facts because these are valuable statistics that will wake you up to the fact that young people need hope, they need jobs, they need education and they need to thrive in society.

The other interesting facts I found out was about lone parent families. Let us begin with the UK and compare them to Europe.


There is a correlation of high line parent families which means these figures of crimes are high because of these factors. But only 0.7 million step families formed. Very low.

However when looking at the figures for Europe the countries with the most lone parent families are as follows: 0,3

Belgium, France, United Kingdom Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Netherlands, Germany. Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Norway. You have all been named a shamed. Feminism has to be over because these are the countries with really high crime for young people and children.

Look deep and find the inner strength to form a bond with someone if you have been hurt. Feminism once again has been proven to be the most fatal thing in the world because, you can actually be unjustified in thinking it will be great and fantastic but what about the vulnerability of the children?????

The other reason why there could be an decrease in crime overall for the UK with young people is that more of them are living at home with their parents as Families households in the UK (2016)


Finding this date for Europe was not as easy as I thought it would be. File:Private households by household composition, 2015 (% of private households) final.png. This is some serious metadata that needs my full attention. Sweden well they gave a high proportion of single adults living with children, and so does Denmark, Luxemburg and Finland. Well I am sort of beginning to feel the connection in crime and so the Netherlands and Sloviana are high and so is the United Kingdom. If only the couples with children was as high as the levels with people whom children need two parents whom only have one.


Lets review everything with the values. This is the weird part. On one hand people want women and children to be separated. It is okay for people to go through some kind of traumatic experience and be with someone else after but it is not okay for single parents to become the norm. If it means there will be an increase of crime.

Children are influenced by their parents. It could be a positive or negative input and I think the government is better at promoting good relationships and reducing crime rates because of the new introduction of Civil partners and the fact society is more accepting of this. Not that poor Katie came from that, she was a victim in what has become a worse norm than ever. The normality of violence.

This is probably causing high crime. Do not ask me what is happening in Sweden and Germany. All I know is they have a problem with crime and the fact that 18% of their young people and children are committing crimes is a huge worry. They may need to review their values and assess that maybe the struggle as a single parent and all this feminist notion is not helping with crime. The UK are slowly beginning to wake up to the fact that many violent crimes stemmed from the repeat patterns of abused children. They woke up to the fact that maybe it would be best for other people to find a suitable partner after all. They even have an increase in cohabiting families which is exactly what is needed.

There are other reasons why married couples find it easier. Some political parties like married couples and give them a tax incentive to be together. Researching this would be nice… however, I do not want to deviate from what I am initialising in your brains.

The reduction and prevention of crime is important for well being. We all need to feel safe and secure. In a way, I would like to find out why young people and children feel so low and neglected that they would cause crime. I think if they feel devalued in society then they behave in this manner. It would be nice to less of these articles and some  more resolution.  I would not really want things to go backwards and I feel this new level of feminism which is referring to women whom wear Burka as strong and independent furthermore rejects the idea that children are vulnerable and we as women have to think about their future. What roles we play now could hinder us in the future. I am not saying that things could escalate in the EU, I am merely stating that our focus seems to be drifting on things which really do not concern our culture as women who have to work and sustain our families. I could not give a hoot about this being their choice, if they were concerned about where they live then this would be a priority.

It is common sense to love the place you live in and love the people around you. Best of luck to Katie’s family and I hope they stay together.

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