Being Offended Receives a Two Fingered Salute.


Hello wonderful people,

I have decided to take heed to Sue Fitzmaurice’s quote. Why? Because I feel as though we have to accept sometimes other people’s cultures and values are not compatible to ours, so therefore they become offended. Whether it be a post on Facebook, some artwork, or, sharing same sex toilets, or even having a debate. So, without further adieu; I want my readers to prepare “the two fingered salute”.

Has any one noticed?? Those who do not accept other’s cultures, or those whom are too busy complaining about something which is biological, or, ideological, for example raising conflicting arguments about: gender, sex, religion and stereotypes (do you realise you are stereotyping yourself?) e.t.c; – – – – – – are perhaps creating conflict which leads to war, poverty, injustice and greed?   Perhaps they are creating this mammoth shift of weirdness which is not wonderful? Perhaps we should prepare  our fingers  to show a gesture of dislike? Perhaps you just feel your all your stress evaporating away as your fingers raise to the screen?


Why do we not Stop being offended by Facebook posts?

When we start to take offence to everything we put up a barrier and hate our neighbours. I would like to point out, in a weird way; I do not hate my neighbours, I love sleep. Sleep is important to people. I know lots of people whom are sleep deprived, let’s face it parenthood is not really all about the wonderful pictures you put out on Facebook.

Why would I want to complain about people juggling their daily lives? Two fingers are almost raised to a full salute. (Just part way, I am getting warmed up.) 

Being a parent  is about the hard work and the love you put into your relationship with your child. Well done, I have acknowledged you. So being offended by your friends family pictures is just weird. Even when it comes to my neighbours having kids that cry for an hour every day concerns me because they are waking up crying. I want to know what is wrong and how to help them have a better day.

For those whom complain about family photos on Facebook, or pictures of cats or dogs: automatic two fingered salute. Stop being offended by nice things. (See this helps reduce peoples aggression levels.)

For those whom are offended by political posts on Facebook. Please, stop being offended and take part in the debates. Open your minds, by trying to discuss things between friends, by being open and engaging  conversation about the most annoying things in the world. If you are passive then you have to do a dare, this will help you develop some courage. We all need the courage and the confidence to speak out about things, maybe your friends can help you.

Perhaps discuss the news and try to see a way past the bad, or, give things the two fingered salute and be happy that you have expressed something about it. 

For those of you whom have abandoned Facebook. Please try a site called MINDS and participate in discussions there about the video’s you see. Try an alternative view.

How can we stop being offended by a piece of art?



Art is meant to  be controversial.  It is meant to provoke a reaction from people and create a critical view point. Please, allow me to defend art for a moment. Art is something which we do not see every day in our world’s. Now all of a sudden people want to make things which are abstract and obscure other’s are not able to find the meaning. Therefore, people become offended.

We would rather form really negative opinions on something, instead of just accepting it is a thought or it is the freedom of thought which helps create beautiful pieces of art. If people are repressed then, perhaps they create abstract art.

Challenging our way of thinking is seen as a battle between fears, values and beliefs. It is like having a battle with your id, your ego and your super ego. As soon as this conflict happens within we go through a fight, or flight response. Sigmund Freud and he wrote about defence mechanisms in our brain. Well, if we hate things this much and then we behave as though we are suffering displacement.

Is there any need for an aggressive stance on things, just because it made you feel a little weird inside?

Many of us suffer from sublimation , as well – come on … we carry out tasks and then we are always competing or feeling the need to change things. There is no need.


If this is how we are meant to progress then… why fight it?


Our routine and structure as we become older means we have less and less time to appreciate these things; although, I did take a picture of the crack in the floor at the Tate modern museum once and thought about all the jokes I could bestow upon people:


I visited the Tate Modern and had a cracking good time. “

“I saw a cracking piece of artwork “

“What can be seen as a hair line fracture is a big crack close up!”

“Did someone forget to buy the poly filler? 

Goodness, me making a mockery of things just proves; what is the point to being so factious about art?

So art makes us question our religious integrity as well, for example Charlie Hebdo was a comic book which made people question the intentions of religion. Although, we are not allowed free speech really, come on….  because, we protect some religions and cultures, because we are afraid that they will not treat us with respect…. let us be frank… we are being kind and virtuous to one another because tolerance, makes people look good.

However, art is one of those freedom of expression which can challenge certain ideologies. So why be offended when it makes us think?

Two fingered salute to those who oppress the way in which people can think or have a different way of seeing things.

You get a two fingered Salute for being offended by art…. just try so hard to intellectualise the mater by being critical. This is the only way forward for humanity. This is the only way forward for certain cultures to get along, harmoniously. 

This is what we need as humans and I really think that when it was written in the Human rights act to respect other peoples beliefs and their freedom of expression, we would all be somewhere in space by now because it is the 21st century after all. Here we are with a handful of people holding us back with the dinosaurs that they are. I am not a Scientologist… I just watched a lot of star trek.

How can we stop being offended by sharing spaces?



We as humans are meant to have the flexibility to choose what we wish to be. I know our parents force us as children to do certain things. However, when we were teenagers, we rebelled and we had fun finding out who we were. Our brains behave like they are maps with different roads, or paths we can take. The GPS signal is on all the time and it can work offline too!  If we choose to go down another route, it makes us happy. If we are forced to go down a route we are not comfortable with, we become angry.

As for people showing affection, I do not care if gay people are together. I only imagine my own relatives, or a close friend being murdered over them offending someone, for kissing just because they are gay and they did this in public.

Personally, I do not care if I have to share a toilet with a transgender person. It does not bother me, they are happy and it does not affect me in the slightest. They are not wearing my shoes, or harming me physically….. I do not care. I care about the person not what they have done to others and not what they have decided for themselves. We used to be told about autonomy and I think this is what it is. It is about treating people with a modicum of respect and enough compassion to see that they are human and if I had to go through those changes…. I would want to be treated like this.

I like people who criticise others on the way in which they are behaving and blowing things out of proportion. Like a sceptic. He sees one side and then is negative about another because it needs to be done.  We are human and that means we strive to perfection. Anything that hurts our group or network, we criticise.

Which brings me back to the debate point. You get a two fingered salute for not sticking to your opinion and holding down to your opinions like your life depends on it. You are human and people need to respect who you are. 

How do we make sure we have fair representation?

I think some cultures feel as though they like to oppress women still… but lets be honest about feminists… whose side are you on??? You get a two fingered salute for not understanding that we need to share things and be equal. We are not better than men in some things, we also do not need religion to oppress women any more, in whatever or whichever country they live in….get with the program or receive a multitude of two and one fingered salutes. 

I live where I live in the part of the world which  suits my cultural expressions. I am happy with these changes, I do not need religion to tell me what is correct and incorrect.

If a man has his children with him, he needs to go to the toilet with them, I would rather it be a mixed toilet. Common sense prevails!!

Please do not embarrass yourselves,  complaining to all the restaurants, hotels and stadiums with these facilities. Well done, to those who brought this change. We are not living in apartheid!!!! I gave a valid reason, why I feel this change should have happened a long time ago. Well done, lets keep going. It means, we are living in a sort of equal society does it not?

Fair representation means, equal for all. Not just because you are a certain minority, or sex or, even a certain gender. It is about time we were accepted all as equals. Anything less gets my immediate two fingered salute…. because it is therapeutic. 

I am able to express myself in a manner which is respectable and suits me as a person. I really have to say, I could not careless about your religion, and  I could not careless about your cultural preferences.  I am not the thought police. I am not going to kill people over their choices.  It is against my laws of my land I am inhabiting now and the one I just came from.

If you cannot respect the laws of the land and people around you, then why on earth is it not okay for me to give you the two fingered salute?

If you are offended by the thought of people changing their gender, please do not move…stay right where you are. Be depressed, and live in a little bubble of hate. See how far it collapses your world and chances…. oh and do take note of how people behave towards you as you shut the door on them.

If you are offended at sharing a toilet with the opposite sex in public what the hell do you do at home? You have to admit you are kind of looking silly, flapping around being offended by integration. We are all humans and we all need things. Two fingered salute to those who prefer segregation…. 

“Let us all be separatist’s and hate the world for their ability to change their beliefs and their gender…” Says a self righteous person on a bit of a mission to hate. 

Leading to my next strange question……

How can we stop the offended from killing themselves and other’s around them?


Yes, of course people are entitled to an  opinion, but when certain people become so offended that they want to kill someone for wanting to make those choices… it makes me wonder, if, they have ever chose anything in their whole lives. This decision of these people making these gender changing decisions is huge.

But because of my religious belief’s I only want a female doctor.”

“But I am a religious person and I cannot associate myself with that person.”

“I do not like their customs because they are not mine.”

If you get offended by the fact that someone is saving your life, then, clearly… are on a path to being too segregationist and maybe you should consider leaving the country in which you reside in because your decision means, you are committing suicide. Just use common sense  before things get out of hand. You need to be flexible.

There are so many of you whom are offended, it makes me wonder if you can actually see you are creating this depression zone for yourselves. Please, snap out of it. Get talking to people. Widen your social circles and stop talking to only your own culture. Help people from different cultures and all walks of life. Goodness me, even non – religious humanitarians are more giving than religious people. Hence … your intolerance gets my two fingered salute. 

Just for hating people’s right to choose means you get my two fingered salute and perhaps governments around the world should consider vetting people’s cultural aspects and if whether or not you can adjust to the life around you. May be they should do this, to preserve, protect and maintain some kind of order.

I never thought I may say this but a vetting process to prevent people from becoming secular in thought, sounds really hypocritical in a way… but it is exactly what is going to happen around the world. Globalisation has had it’s day and served a purpose, but now nationalisation is going to be stronger than ever before. Maybe they should, help people to find some home neighbouring country for some people to live in.   I never thought that I would say it. Never in a million years but many societies are coming together and forming progressive stances on equality, if you cannot handle it then perhaps… globalisation has ended and perhaps people are progressing on collective nationalism. Perhaps this means, some whom are really offended, need to not fight, but, leave. Never in a million years have I actually thought people would be intolerant of one another to the extent of what I have seen in the last 2 years on the internet. It is sad and it is making people ill.

Maybe people are worried about not discriminating that they become offended for those who they think should be offended? Two fingered salute… please, stop worrying, the people you are trying not to offend will take offence to you not being honest. Then it continues this really embarrassing ball of nonsense. Relax, we cannot help those who do not want to accept things as they are.

Welcome to the 21st century and the new wave of nationalism and pride, where people, are all in it together: race, religion, background, gender and sexuality. I suppose we are not living in space yet and this is because, it offends someone!!!!!!  It is time not to be offended but to be glad of the change. Embrace it and accept the new equality.



  1. Your apathy is astonishing! You dont care what they choose to do to others or to themselves? So everyone should just not care? I am not what you call a “Christian” though i was raised in a “Christian” environment but as an adult i can see it for what it is and what i mean is, the human needs to feel smarter or grandeur to others they like to talk down to others and appear smarter to feed their natural desire to dominate. This comes natural for the human creations they or not hating they are feeding their desire for dominance. Take for instance the political left and right in constant struggle for dominance even to the point of violence wich leftwingers have perpetrated against their own in recent news. They or not practicing what the left should be practicing they want dominance plan and simple. By the way they are a fraction of the left but enough to cause fear especially to religious folk. You speak of religion as you know nothing of it. Just like the violent left there is the religious zealot who thinks and believes that their religion is the only one “right” and all else should be destroyed. Neither is correct in their ignorant assumptions . There again the human desire to dominate others behaviour and thought at play in religion. Dont worry though most religious folk dont know the the truth about their religion and even less about others. They are usually victims of others who clearly have an agenda to dominate situations and others thoughts and actions to an end goal of dominance and power. As far as political environment, the left and right are both to extreme in my opinion. Now the bathroom issue should only be an issue with children not adult bathrooms . I would not want my 6 year old girl to be put in that situation. Children who have no confusion of their sexuality act out in awful ways towards their peers why would you want to make things more complicated than it y is for children. I notice you used the words “choose to do” when it comes to gender identity it is said they do not choose it. So does this give them the right to force their veiws on me or my daughter? I do not tell them their wrong for their situation but they can tell me I’m wrong for wanting to shelter (somewhat) from these issues so she can get a chance to grow up and decide for herself rather than someone (who doesn’t have her best interest at heart only the intrest of the gender confused child) tell her what to think about and how to protect herself from this (she has no concept of these matters). I will teach her to be tolerant but with common sence. I will teach her that sexuality is a private affair between adults of the opposite genders. This is only natural for the continuation of human existence then if she (as an adult or at any other time in her life) she decides to become homosexual I would support her in that, t again with common sence. I strongly disagree with shows of sexuality in public excluding hugs lip and cheek smacks wich are used for other reasons than sex ,there again common sence should be used if nothing else than for safety. Clearly there are some who would harm those they don’t understand so you do so at your own risk.we should learn from this and there would be less homosexual attacks. However II’ve experienced more violence from gays than against them many seem to be angry because their not fully accepted yet they keep up the public displays of sexuality not affection and expect different results hmmm Insanity! There again all this is the human struggle with his own desires without the respect of others thoughts or opinions. Its funny how it works the oppressed becomes the tyrant when they push hard enough. I and my family shall choose love to guide us rather than the words and thought/opinions of others.

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    • Hello Brian, thank you ever so much for writing me a wonderful piece of how feel about gender appropriation.

      I really value what you said about the gay community being less threatening. It is hard to be tolerant but you get to the point where “caring” means something else. I do think that it is good to have this discussion because you have a 6 year old and I have a five year old; my 5 yr old said she liked a boy the other day. She has already began to choose. I do not think it is appropriate that we influence them. I asked her why she felt this way about him. She could not explain. I think it was wonderful because she shared it openly and we had a discussion about it. I feel it is productive for people not to show they are offended because then, children take it the wrong way… they think the opposite to you and I… because we are adults and it is okay for us to have gender appropriation.

      I just think for a child, they are confused and say anything that comes out of their mouths. So I do care but, positive reinforcement is so much more rewarding. Just ignore the negative things. Praise the positive things and the thoughts and opinions will be cherished and given the right attention.

      Religion is difficult, because I do not feel as though we in the west are secluded, or, secular, or separatists; we love to share our thoughts and emotions a lot more than we did 30 years ago.

      I feel this is progression but it is like you say, the dominance is the problem and it is stunting our progression. It is sad that you experienced more violence from gays though. Really… I think Brain, this would be the striving for perfection thing that I mentioned. But no, men on a whole are a little more subdued than they were 30 years ago. So I feel that the gender misrepresentation in certain fields of health care and childcare are huge in some countries .


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