A Weird Way Of looking At Politics and Cyber warfare!


Here comes my weird and wonderful way of looking at politics and cyber warfare. I have not written in a while and I did not participate in the women’s march. Not because I am a Trump supporter. Far from it. Let me make myself crystal clear; I am sick and tired of sectioning out people based on the following: Sexual preferences, gender preferences, background, mental health issues, religion and heavens above their genetic make up.Oh and the fact I did not join in on a march…

Is it me, or,  are we being tricked into thinking this way; even though, we are educated to know better? 

I always sit there reading the comments on actual media sites and I worry. Has someone actually written those things which are so harmful against other people?  So I always asked myself after reading, most of the comments on social media political pages. Not so much in group forums, but actual news sites. Then I ponder…….

“- Who have we become?  This cannot be happening right now… no one, in the 21st century can be so drastically stone age in their way of thinking.!! We reached an age of fairness  and we had new laws. 

– What are we becoming?”

I wonder whom the devil seemed to be making these hair – brained comments on political sites which make you feel as though, the UK has to be some villain with it’s US ally. I mean, it seems a bit far fetched for me.  It got me thinking……

Are we aware of whom makes comments on the internet? Are we aware of the duplication of accounts through another email address?

“Cyberwarfare is Internet-based conflict involving politically motivated attacks on information and information systems. Cyberwarfare attacks can disable official websites and networks, disrupt or disable essential services, steal or alter classified data, and criple financial systems — among many other possibilities.”………What is Cyber Warfare? Margaret Rouse (2017)

We are not creating equality, if we favour one section of people over the other – based on the shouting and constant craving for attention through reality tv. This made me think…. maybe we are being made to think against one another. As I investigated deeper into the pit I discovered more things about Cyber warfare.

We cannot be that stupid about our own governments in the 21st Century, surely? All we need is to create some kind of a grant system to reduce social inclusion. Of course, the governments around the world know this and they have educated people who are knowledgeable in research.

Forget the added extra worry and stresses about discrimination. I just think that shouting, or trying to gain attention is not helping people understand, the needs of what people want. For example; there is a generation of uneducated people out there. Because….. the rich got hold of the power and deviated the peoples choices and now there is a bigger enemy, which has me even asking questions to myself in my own blog:

How can you live without reading?

Yes these people actually made a comment about people’s choices whether or not to read. I mean, they are really good at making up really silly things in order to deviate your mind from the topic.

How can a person have the internet and not look up or discover all the information before they make a comment on Facebook or a news site?

These people, actually post those ridiculous – press like for a prayer or some nonsense like this; to change the algorithms on Facebook. It is okay when you know people on facebook. It is not okay anymore because things become a way to advertise fake news. I do not press like to Media pages anymore on facebook because a majority, had began to lie about their sources of information. Now, Wiki – Leaks, at least proved that such things existed. However, during elections many groups had tried to challenge these types of people, perhaps they were cyber spies.

They really tried everything to make it look like even education was not important.

How can you sustain yourself in the developed world without a degree?

These people really thought about what they were manipulating. They made it look as though, they were some teenager commenting because everyone knows that you need an education…..

However, these people where amazingly good at their manipulation, pressing like to one another in comments and really doing some social damage. Therefore, the way the deviated so much during the comments – this led to a  lack of response to people’s education, which enables people to have the capacity to tolerate other people’s opinions, also, helps with critical thinking; to help people actually turn to one another and say:

“I am not of your culture, this is why we are not the same. I think you are entitled to your opinion and that is okay, thanks!”

These cyber warfare bullies lacked that approach because they only want to bully. They would even use dissonance and show people, how to have the ability to ignore the truth.

So what is the point, if cyber warfare is changing politics?

Things have gotten so frightfully distasteful, that one cannot achieve ones goals of university and owning their own house afterwards because of this silly ideology; education is not worth anything. Yes, after an education you can get a better job and have a better meal on the table, even throw in a holiday as well. However, we all know we  have to learn things constantly in a new job, or when you buy a new phone – we even have to learn how to ride a bike, and drive a car.

Please, no one is so silly to think that everyone can be as rich as Donald Trump and the Karashians. Someone, must be at the bottom of the food chain! This is the eco – system. We must have a bottom rank, but the people at the bottom suffer the most, so they are not hardly mentioned in the US and UK because they are too poor. Please, remember Jerry Springer, this made the real house wives of America look like the Kardashians. From one extreme spectrum to the other. We know they have no social structure.

This is why Americans have to fight harder for their rights, they have none. It is not okay for the rest of the other parts of the world to stoop down to a level of stone age.

So we are not completely dim witted, right?

When I investigated Cyber warfare more, I felt as though, I would come across some problems but The Guardian (2016) mentioned:


“In 2008 there were events that a historian might weave into a narrative of a global cyberwar, when several underwater internet cables were cut during the course of the year, interrupting internet communication and particularly affecting the Middle East. Some have argued these were accidents caused by ships dragging their anchors, but they mostly remain unsolved mysteries, with the suspicion that only state actors would have the required equipment and knowledge to target the cables. Of course, it might have just been sharks.” We’re living through the first world cyberwar – but just haven’t called it that 

Now for the sinister reflection, over the past 3 years, I have noticed the deterioration of Blighty and Yankeeville. Both the British and the Americans used to think their education was amazing. Now they have increased their tuition fees so much, people are not able to obtain a job. Therefore, it was obvious to mention when cyber warfare began, they started to hack the big giant corporations. Social justice….. blah, blah, blah…. now…

My biggest fear of all, is that cyber warfare has not only attacked the vulnerable people into thinking they must fear a terrorist group, but for people to fear themselves having opportunities. They even have the ability to re – write history and make false claims on the net about the history of a country. This is how bad cyber warfare can become.

Cyber Warfare has not fought for free education around the world,  but, they have created a wave of intolerance and labelling.

So who are these people?

Because they do not seem to behave like they are not even able to congregate a verb, or, establish whom is anti- establishment and the difference between socialism, communism and totalitarianism. I mean, to me this is the biggest two finger salute I can give them. I think they are sadomasochistic to think that people have to abide by some kind of an intolerance. I could not care less if I was reading from alt – right, or ISIS. I just feel as though they are unable to respect other people’s opinions and are unaware of other cultures and sub cultures within the societies they are trying to infiltrate on social networking. They are two planks short from a deck!

This seems a bit weird and suspicious!!!!!!!!!

George Orwell, is a frightfully insightful chap. I feel  as though, he wanted us to see that there is a mere distinction and difference between us all. He articulated this very well through metaphors in his literature,  “Animal Farm” and “1984”. To continue, onward of reflecting my thoughts over Orwell and his dystopian  world’s; he made me realise, we must accept one another. Merely because, the powers that be will manipulate the heck out of us.

The powers that be,  will watch every move we make; every breath we take and they will still be watching us. Not just for consumerism, but for the sheer manipulation to make us hate one another, so, we make them more powerful. This means, those cyber war bullies are so silly, they would comment about things to the government on twitter to change the curriculum and they would create false accounts to make sure people are left with this right wing way of thinking.

 Why has facebook not upgraded it’s security?

Are you kidding! Not even your child is safe on facebook. They take years and years to go through the reports you make. Facebook security . Cyber bullying is dangerous and it is psychologically damaging; but this is the new warfare and Facebook for the last 3 years have not stepped up their security. They just made it harder. The only company to figure out that people have had enough is google.

According to Rick Brodia (2016) CNET: “Filter politics from your facebook feed.”

“There are ways to filter out movie and TV spoilers, so why can’t there be a filter for the political stuff? Thank heavens, there is, in the form of the Chrome extension Remove All Politics From Facebook. It’s basically a toggle switch. When activated, it filters anything and everything political out of your feed.”

This is brilliant!!! Also the first step to happiness to so many. Have you thought also…..

How else would you bring a country to it’s knees?

I mean, these people could feed you a thousand lies. Not to mention, they could hack into news stories. However, I span everything, I was not even bias. I went to Al- Jazeer as well. I found this lovely article on their website too:

Cyber warfare: The new international warfront (2016)

Thornberry and the defence establishment are concerned by recent hack attacks on high-level politicians such as the revelation of emails from the Democratic National Committee and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

These attacks have revealed embarrassing details from behind the scenes of the US political theatre that has undermined an already contentious election season, and Issues of cyber security, especially recruitment of hackers to work with the government, are still a “struggle”, but public-private partnerships are something about which “we’ve been very supportive”, the aid concluded.

Our way of thinking has been manipulated and maybe it seems a little absurd and weird to think we are this vulnerable, but, I am afraid we are.

Because quite frankly, we cannot be so stupid to think: women in the 21st century are not valued and Gay rights have not improved since 1960.


Poor Emilie Durkheim,  is rolling in his grave dreaming of how delinquent everyone is becoming without free education. There we all were believing we would be scared into following some far right and right governments whom steal and do not tell the truth. It began like this in the UK and South Africa. America has never wanted to be equal until now. This is the truth because the American government does not believe in the Human rights act and actually said they have their own constitution. However nor does Russia,  because they have only been a democratic country since the 90’s.

Meanwhile back to the UK,  retail crime is on the rise, burglary, murders and drug abuse to boot. After delinquency follows crime.

However, now there is a new crime. Cyber crime… and this includes hate speech and propaganda.

Yes my research was so full that I found a lecture for people to see about the different types of cyber warfare you can have. Sanjay Goel (2017) The State University of New York  lists:

  1. Identifying different types of actors involved in cyber threats (individuals, organizations & nation-states) •


      2. Distinguishing  between different types of threats and issues in cyber security          including, data theft, political espionage, critical infrastructure protection, and    propaganda

        3. Detailing  the basic characteristics of the Internet infrastructure and international efforts to address Internet governance •

     4. Listing  several international efforts to address cyber crime and espionage

      5. Evaluating  how principals that govern international conflicts might be applied in context of cyber security

      6. Applying different psychological theories of human motivation and cooperation and communication and political theories in analysis of different international issues related to cyber security including censorship, media operations and role of social technologies.



Unfortunately, through cyber bullying in the developed world, it is highly unlikely a person will complete their education  for a business degree because of Cyber warfare. Meaning, a business will collapse every five minutes!!!!!! At least, with an education you learn how to balance your books properly. I feel Cyber warfare has crashed economies over night.

Right now, I feel when I talk to people, they are acting like attention seeking so and so’s. They are making global cyber warfare, easier. The failure of  help in the following: Jobs, education and welfare –  means people will become very angst . However, to one of these cyber bully warmongers, angry people in another country is just what they want. They will challenge you in media pages and also cause you to feel isolated.


Okay Here is me being weird…..about weird-ed out by Cyber warfare and conspiracy theories…… 


I cannot stand the constant bickering this has caused through – out social media. In addition, to the constant craving for attention which is perhaps due to the intolerance of other’s. Okay – by the end of the day; we cannot change what has happened, however, we can accept and tolerate one another.

Tolerance is a great tool against anything…..including cyber warfare…


Let’s be honest, tight now we need to tolerate a lot of nonsense !!! There are a lot of spin doctors out there. They shroud themselves in God and all sorts, to make it seem like they are the great talkers. I am not mentioning any particular religion, to me all religion is bad.

This is not because we cannot handle the truth – it is because in our intolerant state, the cyber warfare has manipulated things and made us hate people whom we know full well, does not even deserve to be hated.



We have to accept, we created this catastrophe ……

We were the ones who did the voting and believed all that was said and done. Yes, okay…. Jon Snowdon and the gang, were not the only ones in on this game. I do not believe they are the ones to blame. I feel every government has had it’s own dogs body circulating some nonsense and has created the worst cyber warfare known to man. I believe looking further into this,  that we as individuals are not that stupid. We are not going to destroy another generation of people. It is up to us, to value one another and tolerate things.


How to tackle our own lives not being involved in Global Cyber warfare

I need to highlight this and make it very clear. What you see out there on Social media…. whether it be You Tube, Twitter, pintrest, tumbler, Facebook, google, myspace, Reddit,ask fm, VK, Live Journal, Hi 5 ….Whats’ app even!!!

  • Check all media with family and friends, even teachers.

  • Make sure you have anti – virus protection.

  • Report the bullying as soon as you see it.

  • Check all sources of information. If people are not willing to share sites on their blog pages or the sources of their information, then it is not real.

Please be careful, it may be manipulated due to Global Cyber warfare.

The countries which are believed to have the most developed cyber warfare capabilities are the United States, China, Russia, Israel and the United Kingdom. As I read on World Economic Forum (2016)

Who on earth can we believe other than to have discussion with actual people we know, and our neighbours right now?

I mean, you could prevent someone from joining ISIS or doing crazy things, because you have seen a fake site.  This has everything to do with the very basics of what we need. This has everything to do with the way people are going to cause us to hate one another.

As for trusting a blogger like myself. Check all my pages… if the links all show “404 link not found”, then my cyber warfare thing is correct. I think I have to study more about it but I hope I have helped.

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