chat “As great scientists have all said and as all children know, it is above all by the imagination….”



Note to Self

We can be awfully weird with our imaginations. We can have such wonderful thoughts that create keys to unlock secrets or answers we have never imagined before.


What makes us not imagine?

Stress……. Masses of amounts of emotional upheaval. Even illnesses can sometimes interrupt the flow of the  imagination.


Do we really need to add more problems when a person is probably going through a challenging time?

Perhaps not. However, there are many people who are unable to see another point of view and it is perhaps because their imagination has not developed in a way which helps them cope with stress. I used to feel like my problems were not someone else’s problems because my mother did not really take on much responsibility for my emotional problems. She would displace my problems and then expect nothing but dedication and focus on her own problems. I began to realise this is not healthy for my own development.

Why was I so upset my imagination flow the most recently?

Because she lacked the ability to even come out with an idea to make it up to me. It seems like a demotivated attempt to say…..“I did not want to know anyway! Just being kind!”

I unfortunately, felt like the past was so rehashed between us that she was unable to move forward and see me as a grown woman who she needed to say: “I am sorry that happened and I am sorry I took you for granted.”

We all know we cannot have apologies I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive…. I forgave her for the past, but she just keeps bringing up this stuff that happened when I was a child. I am now an adult and I looked after her for a couple of nights and she complained. However, she kept me up at 3 am in the morning whilst I had work. Then, did not apologise for it… so I am just saying…. I forgive her for being so ignorant but I needed to let her know she hurt my feelings. It is not nice when people who are meant to be close to you, sort of show absolutely no compassion to what you are going through. I try my hardest to be compassionate  and put other people’s needs before my own. It upset me and I am saying I forgive her for being so impertinent. She cannot help herself, this is the way she is but I do not have to take it on.

So why are you able to give compassion to others?

It is a pleasurable and rewarding thing to do to be selfless. To help others means you are also benefiting from the experience and you are able to feel so good about yourself. I felt this wave of responsibility as well, it is good for our own adult development, if, we take on a bit more responsibility.

What made you have hope?

I have had to have a surge of positive for my last few adventures. I do remember saying to a person in another language:

“If I do not smile, I will cry and this is of no use to anyone.”

I did at the time,  feel as though I was in Alice in Wonderland, also, somewhere the white rabbit  I was chasing was there to remind me of a way out. I thought, perhaps I am behaving like the mad hatter and using this approach is making the other person feel a little uncomfortable. I got to the point where using my imagination gave me hope. This is my example of how I was able to overcome a time. I used a book to refer to a character and then, yes, problem solved……jolly well smile!

Just do this weirdly and wonderfully. Do not hold back. Especially in long queues, studying, listening to a speech or lecture, or at work when you are faced with a challenge and you need to resolve the situation. It works and has been scientifically proven. It gives me hope that we can overcome a challenge with creativity.


Humans are awesome…. Be weird and wonderful with me. xxxxx




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