chat “Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music”



I love it when people drive past in their cars with loud music. I am so weird I like playing nothing but metal. I remember scaring the heck out of some young people by blasting some Killswitch Engage and roaring at the top of my lungs at them. Metal is so awesome for that.

I think a majority of people like to listen to classical music…..TURN IT UP!

I think most people like Beiber………TURN IT UP!

If you have not got your car use your headphones and sing. I was on the subway the other day and I heard some Indian music being……TURNED UP! So I could hear all the instruments. I was sat there thinking…. it’s okay I listen to Epica and I…….TURN IT UP!!

Babymetal……. TURN IT UP!!!

Jazz….TURN IT UP!!!

Electrofunk…..TURN IT UP!!

Dancehall Music……TURN IT UP!!!

I know they will make a rap song about Turning it up but Die Antwood…….TURN IT UP!!!

Frank Sinatra….. TURN IT UP!!!

The lady who sang: “That don’t impress me much….” Shania Twain…..TURN IT UP!!

Country Music…..TURN IT UP!!

Bollywood….TURN IT UP!!!


Just be weird and Wonderful and happy…. why not???? TURN IT UP!


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