5 Tips on: How to be bold and do what the ordinary fear.





  1. When you want to speak in public – practice in a mirror first or talk out allowed. It may seem strange but it is worth it. I feel that most people are using snap chat and are able to reveal themselves this way but it is weird and wonderful how speaking in public is a nightmare. It is not the same however, you are exposing yourself to an audience on snap chat, so why should public speaking be any different?
  2. Take control of your anxiety – Fear is a funny thing. Fear Saga Part 2: “Handling Fear.” Just learn to laugh and breath. If you forget to breath the dizziness kicks in and then you are unable to actually get on with what you need to do. I think being extraordinary and bold is just laughing at those awkward mistakes we make as humans; would you not agree?
  3. Read the law in whatever country you reside in and you will be knowledgeable and have more confidence to change things. Trust me, there are parts of laws in this world that was written for the stone ages and we are now in the 21st Century. Be bold and change things.

  4. Laugh when you make a mistake and try and learn from it. Talk about it openly with people and it actually scares the living daylights out of them that you are bold enough to recognise your own faults and correct them.
  5. Love yourself and who you are. Always look back and think I could have done this better but do not hate yourself over it. Sometimes, hurting is not worth the pain.

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