A Blighty Tale: “How about we ‘defend European values’ by not arresting people who say stupid things? “| Coffee House

Weird and Wonderful would love to point out that everyone’s identity is individually assessed in Europe. However, being racist is definitely punishable and it is a hate crime. There are consequences to what you say or do to people because we really ought to stop extremists from going against or right to be who we are.

Yes, the person who made the racist tweet was arrested for making such a nasty comment. I feel you cannot just say what you want. Staying in the European Union means we can have justice against those who disturb the identity and culture of yourself. I feel it is necessary to have these law’s that help people get along in society – not just for the benefit of welfare but for the benefit of being better than any extremist who behaves like a terrorist and violates your own environment. 

Yes – a lot of people look at me in a weird and wonderful way as I try to explain that hatred is sort of like saying Hitler never existed or diversity is wrong, we must all stick to our countries. I felt it was necessary because a lot of people feel uncomfortable in the UK right now and a lot of people feel as though they are unable to express themselves. There is a point to which you are born in a place and then you out grow it. I feel many people are maturing at an alarming rate in Europe because they are facing terrorism from both ends of the spectrum.

On the other hand you have a rich man who prides himself at excluding a particular type of people or to increase borders in America. Donald Trump has become the very infamy of hatred. Many people are following him and I feel they are unaware that not only has this man got a lot of money but he lives in a  different part of the world.  Hang your heads in shame for influencing the rest of the world like this.

“If you want a better quality of life – you don’t choose the backward route and join the hate speech or hate crimes.” Weird and wonderful  (2016)

The law doesn’t allow that sort of thing. Only because of this example right below of how distraught some people are right now.


I felt a lump in my throat as i read abouf the taxi drivers feelings. I feel there is a battle for the Muslim people and their identity. To associate them with hatred is an easy thing to do when you fear things. But really, I feel we must try to be humane in whatever way shape or form to not let anyone hate one another right now.

Unfortunately, hate follows hate. I feel you can raise a child to hate – you can raise them to seek vengeance. You can also allow other people to influence your children and young people with media and even propaganda. 


I feel this maybe why children and young people cannot get along with one another and it is a constant struggle. Its okay for Francais to participate in its own religious struggle against the fact that they are seen as a Catholic country. However, the connatations are there if you look deeply into these things and you are able to critically analyse things. Most British people have not been taught to critically analyse things – they are just programmed to think. Most British people really do not follow religion and when they do I feel they are unable to even reason with anything or they don’t really want to accept certain cultures. So I like Charlie Hebdo for pointing out we don’t have to follow religion. It is archaic and it feels as though we are being moulded to some ideology which means I feel most people ignore the updating of new laws because they feel they are superior to that of the law’s of certain situations and take it upon themselves to say morally that religion is their compass. Not really – sorry! Religion can guide you to behave in a certain manner but it isn’t recent law’s so people make excuses and break rules because of religious beliefs. This is the problem if young people cannot identify with themselves or with the non – flexible reasoning then it becomes a vessel of hate. One religion against another.



I feel this is the reason why there are problems in education. When you become a university student and you apply a non – lateral way of thinking which is also ethically challenging; I feel you can process information better. There is no concept of religion or gender or sexual orientation in university you can have another way of thinking. However, there is nothing in the UK which assists you to discuss or form opinions in the class room without being assessed for it until you become a university student. There is no valuing approach – whereas the French imply they discuss on such a level with children as young as 11 having ethical discussion.


This is why Charlie Hebdo was so strong because they can see that it isn’t just about Muslim religion – no religion was safe from Hebdo ‘s connatations or imagery which provided a different view of the world. There are no boundaries there maybe even shutting down Britain First and all the other hate campaigns would be much more palatable right now. Maybe people showing compassion and love is difficult when the government who you voted for lives for chaos because they have a notion that war will make money. 


As you can see from the connatations of the picture above the cartoonists are against the bombings. If you are not able to understand this beautiful way of displaying a different thought then believe me when I say – there is no turning back for you. At no point has France no shown the ability of satire. However, many of the French are not as silly to impose their threat on a country who really are attacking their values and European values. I don’t feel many English people understand if you lose these values and not show some compassion then unfortunately the world will see you as a threat all the time. This is why most people are jealous of your social freedoms. They choose a better quality of life but yet are under constant scrutiny.  We cannot keep stereotyping….. it has to stop. Some how if the law provides that stability for people not to cross a line then let’s do this.

We cannot grow or change or adapt to our lives if people keep acting with the immature notion of not having consequences or something for what they say or do.

It is okay for Charlie Hebdo because that is a media franchise and at many moments in its history they came across moments where they needed to uphold the law. It’s okay for people to have freedom of speech but know there are consequences. No country is safe from the scrutiny of how people really feel deep down. It isn’t right that we should continue to ignore people’s behaviour for something  which they do not have the ability to be rational or even provide empathy towards other’s at even a time of national crisis. Hatred is hatred – there has to be a line drawn in the sand at some point.


Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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