Adult Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: “When your friend reminds you of Eeyore!”


The moral of the story is that even though we have a friend who is depressed we still love them and we accept they have to deal with themselves in their own way. We value the fact they can participate in life.

I remember the one story in which Pooh bear built a house for Eeyore even though Pooh wasn’t very good at it he still tried and Eeyore didn’t stop him from assisting. We may want to ignore a person. We may want to shut them out of our lives because we think they are toxic but really that’s not what makes a great friend. We know this isnt what makes Eeyore better. If Eeyore was never heard of people wouldn’t know how to help one another through the hard times.

What is weird and wonderful about life is that even though we face challenges we can still need one another and we can still cooperate in whatever way shape or form.

☆ How to help your Eeyore friend as an adult:

1. You can always be nice to your friend.

☆ 2. You can offer to have a nice day with them and if they would rather decline bring the party to them.

☆3. You can always check up on your friend.

☆4. Don’t forget their birthday or their special friends day’s. I had a friend who kept mentioning: “on this day we did that….. on that day we did this!”

☆5. Have a memory book of days out to the museums or concerts or things you really want to do in the future. We always say….. oh we want to settle down and have kids….. no!!! This is your adventure day’s including holiday’s.  Always bring your friend with you and take the photo’s where they glance at the camera unimpressed because eventually they will laugh and say it was great.

Be weird and wonderful….. don’t be tedious and always have adventures. Xxxxx

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____


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