Determination is like a roller coaster


Note to self:

Jeg er lære på norsk. Jeg må har mer tålmodighet for meg selv. Det er ikke så lett – jeg måtte prøvde til å lytte mer så  det er endret forståelse mitt av om mange ting.

Translated without Google translate!

I am learning Norwegian. I must have more patience for myself. It is not so easy – I had tried to listen more so it’s changed understanding my of many things.

Accomplishing missions such as these have made me feel as though the previous no existing life I had before has suddenly been fulfilled. However… I felt this morning like I needed to try harder then someone told me. To relax. Then I realised that I am flexing my muscles and thinking too much – I probably do need to relax. I was so stressed trying to be perfect. 


Jeg trenger en annen person av med mer forståelse til å hjelpe med meg på norsk.

– I need another person with more understanding to help me in Norwegian.


So this is when the little confidence bubble burst is when I felt like I had been put through a blender because I was completely unfocused before. 

So I must be calm….. because if I become frustrated I won’t learn and this is key to me winning.

Where I just came from there is nothing that has made me feel more exposed than my own passion for learning and fast. I must really appreciate my learning process and value every minute. I must enjoy it because when I was in Blighty there was no enjoyment – I was told I will always fail. I am sorry but – I feel I am succeeding so I am not going to go back. Never!!!!! You couldn’t part me from this lovely land I love for gold or anything. This is the most breathtaking place I have ever lived in.

Make it hard for me – I will flex my muscles and get stronger.

Hear the tone of my determination right there. How I missed you WordPress….. how I missed the inspiration. Tears fell this morning and I broke my quill!!!!!!!

Weird and Wonderful is the world and I love it so I will be there.

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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