A Blighty Tale: “Tasteless Record Breakers – Poem!”


Oh citizens of Blighty,
You have a smuggler in your mists,
How weird and wonderful you are!
To have a record breaker so mighty,
Even Donald Trump couldn’t go that far,
Mind you,  if the cream egg fits….

Pass a little wind and it’s sunny side up;
Do a little ditty for the merry cup,
I just couldn’t imagine eating another creme egg,
Was it meant to be an advertising pun?
Poor little creme eggs had to beg,
I don’t think the media have won!

Brown noses on chocolate eggs became literal,
Please citizens of Blighty let it not be habitual!
The fat cats play nine holes of golf to stay fit,
Cats have nine lives to not quit,
The Queen may eat hers in a delicate way,
Maybe she read the article and didn’t know what to say?

The media love making Britain look dim,
Let’s switch the light on;
Oh look – there you are- I can see on you’re on your last whim,
Find the motivation to change the nation before its gone,

Poor creme egg is still up there hiding- 
Colonic irrigation won’t save the nation; 
Probably cost the NHS more to fix a smuggler without common sense,
Than to cure the common Cold that’s binding,
All we are doing is saving a couple of pence!

Poor creme egg is probably still up there –
Wondering if free education benfits citizens of Blighty,
Really haven’t broken any other records in science or technology,
Unfortunately it looks like someone skipped biology;
It is the price you pay when capitalism degrades common folk,
The uneducated just laugh and are unable to see their face is covered in yolk.

Poor creme egg and no one cares but you are front page news,
This is what happens when media want to numb your views.
Sad times, sad world, mad world.
No record was probably broken – they just tried to distract you from something important;
Because a politician had spoken…..

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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