Land of the Midnight Sun: “Relax! Valentine’s Day is not Commercially challenging.”


I weird and wonderful would here by like to announce that I am proud to be in the land of the midnight sun: Valentine’s Day is subtly thrown in my face.

A Blighty Tale….

“You walk into a shop on the high street or Tescos; the items for Valentine’s Day are so bold and red. There are shelves and shelves of tacky memorabilia. The stuff that reminds you of people who have tattoos of their ex – boyfriend’s names on their wrists or arms: dense and vulgaris display of affection. All the devil cuddly toys, teddy bears and even chocolates. No room for the single people. Then you see huge cards that make you just cringe.”

I love the Land of the Midnight sun – they aren’t so desperate for me to buy something I don’t need or want.

Thank you…. my mood is uplifted 1000 ×…. How weird and wonderful is that?

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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