A Blighty Tale: “Whatever possessed you?”


Weird and wonderful would like to ask specifically Blighty dwellers (If you are unaware of the Blighty is a colloquial term for Britain):

“Whatever possessed this drunken man to think of something like this?”

I have been inebriated in my lifetime but not actually enough to fancy a snowman. I just think sometimes – some people in Blighty like to put their “willy’s” in places that really do not belong.  I mean, poor Olaf…. he only wanted things sunny- side- up.

If ever your feeling a little under the weather think of the poor snowman. He didn’t get the end days of melting in the sun. Britain doesn’t even have snow!!!!!!!!!!
So this Blighty chap who defiled a snowman really has gone below the belt.

Awfully glad it’s flooding in Blighty… the snowmen are safer! I don’t think I have seen an angry snowman but imagine telling children they cannot be near the snowmen of they are laying down on the floor? What can you say…..

“Just don’t go near it dear. It is not a healthy snowman!”

Child replies, “So he’s sick… it means I have to nurse him better!”
– “No he is resting…. make another.”

This is just too weird…… too weird to be wonderful!

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____


    • Oh my word it would prevent them from keeping the deficit down! Hahaha The excuses for making such cuts are always down to the ideology of causing discrimination on the highest recognition possible…. mmmm! I can see it happening more than fixing the flooding problems in the UK.


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