Pen and Paper: The extended edition of our minds.


I feel the greatest minds that ever lived still had the ability to read and write. They may have not been interested in all subjects but they had the ability to write when it was necessary to concentrate.  I feel we have  computers maybe we aren’t using those skills that unlock certain parts of the brain to be innovative.

Margaret Hamilton is an unknown person and has changed the face of the world to technology even nostradamous couldn’t have predicted. I feel that maybe we should respect the world of literacy on all levels: digital and also basic pen and paper, even binary code can be seen as a form of communication.

I feel my knowledge has been adapted to research because I have been taught to research, however, my mind can have limitations on a computer. I feel when I do a “brain storm”, or, I formulate  a “mind map” or a plan of what I am going to write; I stick to the form of the context of what I am describing. Writing is creative but when I need to be specific I think pen and paper validates  the topic or area.

This is how weird and wonderful critical appraisals are in the logical sense. I am writing something with deep meaningful context and such free flowing absolute definitive expressions. It stands for arguments within yourself on how you would like to come out with a conclusion or even target your strengths and weaknesses. The pages intertwine your thoughts but on a liberal scale when writing reams of paper. My feelings and thoughts develop a consitution of my mind map – the pros and cons are just within every paragraph and deeply contorted by my lesser use of vocabulary.

In the acedemic world we are given a certain amount of words and I always heard myself saying:

“What’s the word to summarise the word which would make it shorter.”

As the limitations of my mind are unable to think of the new words and vocabulary or key words to fit acedemic writing. I feel the vast majority of us are skimming the surface of what could potentially be a scientific breakthrough because we spend so much time trying to find:

“One word to rule and describe it all!”

The pressure of the moment of writing in response to an academic paper. The preperation involved is far more constructed compared to what we used to achieve. The word count and features on Microsoft office or outlook or similar software means:

“The thesaurus is at hand…. the argument is set in stone.”

Developing skills to critique a piece of work comes with good practice of similar vocabulary or style.  The illegible moments happen when we deviate and it can be seen. Deviation happens when we are too
, too emotional, too tired or too thirsty… and the discourse of our work is not defined by the reader because all they see are words and not the person. Although, reading a 5ft plus paper surely shows that many teachers are lucky so fortunate to ask for a short word count.

We end up writing just as much because of the amounts of drafts developed for the pieces of writing. The adaption of our words or the development of what it the content involves is only found later on.

This is not a simple task and no one should think or feel it is. I may have written a dozen drafts to get to the one point; only to be told it is not really concise enough or it isn’t specific. 

Cold compress for my head as I write more. Then I proof read and find there was another word I could have used or perhaps my theory was not found or my argument was too watered down. I feel if only some people knew how frustrating it is to write something which is limited and shows only half your thoughts or feelings is frustrating.

How limited do we feel as mere students….?”

Sad but true! It’s weird and wonderful how things have changed to this construction of limits. Yes, they made it harder for us to achieve but equally they make it harder for us to be able to be innovative and thus I feel this is my argument. Advancement is based on the extensive knowledge you bring to the table – not just the limitations of what happened in a classroom or in a lecture…. you can be extensive in your own time as you wish.

Let’s all be weird together and be extensive. Xxxxxx

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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