Land of the Midnight sun: “Lost in Translation!”


When you are learning something new… it feels overwhelming; I tell myself this all the time. I take things in stages – especially moving to a new country.  You feel as though your life is in a bubble because you have to force yourself to speak a language that isn’t your first language.

It is so easy for us to want to talk English to one another. However, in the sense of learning and trying to pronounce word’s – the deep end is always better.

Learning is actually participating in an activity and getting overwhelmed. Apparently there are two ways of learning:

Extensive – you just casually watch T.V in another language.  Listening to lyrics of a song and then sing that song.

Intensive – When you learn to read and write; it’s a skill that you develop because if the production value and the purpose in which you will become more involved. If someone gives you a command or asks you to do something you listen to them intensively to do it right.

There are four languages to learn in Scandinavia: Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. So, I feel I threw myself in the deep end and I came out okay.  There are many phrases I am forgetting and there are many things I have developed. I feel better for sticking to my learning plan and developing my skills in a language to help me become bilingual.

Meeting new people who had to do the same meant so much to me and I value and appreciate their input. I think Scandanvian’s love communication, so much they know they have different dialects and try to accommodate people in the best way possible.

We do all this out of love with Scandinavia – I would love to be fluent and expose myself to all kinds of situations. I also want to respect these people and show them the love they show me. If not then – I may as well call it a day. Working is better with fantastic communication.

Lå oss gjøre det!”

Let’s do it!


Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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