Weird and Wonderful ways to love again.

Play dirty dancing sound track: it’s not festive but it made me feel like dancing.
On the scale of weird and wonderful I would rate this experience 6/10! I cannot dance and I felt a little like I needed others to be there. 

Paint my nails: I painted them green like I was a Christmas tree! I don’t care how weird it looks 10/10 for Christmas effort! 

Go to your favourite place: I climbed sognsvann so I could be queen of the mountain.

Let it go: be at one with yourself and find a spot and prepare to sing.  7/10 it can get embarrassing. 

Find your special place! This is mine!!!

This is bliss. I lived for this moment and I will forever be in debt to the beauty and nature of the place. I love it so much that even when there is a blanket of snow covering the whole place – I still sigh the loving sigh; wanderlust sigh – with a smile so large it warms my insides. You just feel the entity of beauty.

Love is just hard to describe when you feel a little hurt and lost. Love also feels a little enclosed – personal to you once you have been hurt. It feels like you can love but not in the same way you did…. there is trepidation to such feelings. I feel recognition of how these ways have formed has helped me trust other’s.  Envoloped in these feelings and not trusting people is sort of like telling yourself you cannot heal.

“Healing is feeling and feelings are painful!”

I am giving myself 10/10 for loving nature and then trusting other’s again.
I am actually learning to love me before I love anyone else again. It’s the best feeling in the world.

As the new year emerges I think I feel more wholesome. People’s feelings are somewhat delicate. What I discovered in 2015 is that you cannot just accept stressful situations because your feelings are going to be crushed. It took me a long time to understand that when you start a path of beliefs and a learning process which doesn’t suit your needs; your feelings get pushed aside. Devaluing your feelings- no matter how mixed up you feel inside is important to survival. We all have different ways of reacting. Yes, it’s important not to be too stressed.

How can you take responsibilities for other’s if you are too stressed?

How can you make rational decisions when you are too stressed?

I do not expect anything but when I am stressed – My expectations have risen.

Let’s be nice about this…. I like to be suprised.  Life becomes to monotonous without the whole suprised expression – so I moved because nothing suprised me anymore. I was just seeing a bleak outcome. I am amongst giants and I love their spirit. I am only short but I have a fist full of energy to burst back.

Love isn’t going to happen over night. Love isn’t forced – you just want to give all the time when you love. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

You even want to give to the homeless, proof is witten in:  to make a difference in someone’s life….

Love is not just about sex… it’s about love for yourself and how to love the nature of the game of life.

It is weird and wonderful.  Xxxx

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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