A Blighty Tale: “UK floods: Extra soldiers sent to stricken areas – BBC News”

More flooding in the north and more neglected people with housing issues. The government still ignore their needs…. it took them a whole month to deal with the issue – they were too focused on bombing Syria to think about the people.


Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____


  1. Not a lot of major news coverage either. I found out on my Facebook feed via a friend of a friend of a friend etc. that parts of York are underwater! Such a shame, especially with it happening over the holidays.

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    • I know – they told them they would have to switch their Christmas lights off to save electricity; all a bit dim to say the least – they couldn’t even have electric. The coverage happened at the end of last month the beginning of December. Then the bombing Syria issue came up and flood defence was the least on parliaments agenda. So they waited a whole month only to deploy more troops. I think it is a shambles – I am glad I left.

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