Malala Yousafzai the role model of the 21st Century


It’s just weird and wonderful how she became the role model of the 21st century: Shot in the head just because she stood up  for education against the Taliban.

I used to live in a country that charges for education and make it for only the elite, with student loans and mass debt to worry about.  This was breeding the most fearful feelings of ignorance amongst people – like a social hatred for anyone who wants to learn. There has been high crime where I came from. I had to explain to someone that I feel so safer where I am now. I mean, to the point where I really do not think I will be stabbed: catching the bus is a breeze and I have been walking around at night. It’s out of ignorance that people just accept certain living conditions – it is a lack of education which makes those living conditions remain; no one is willing and able to fight back or take hold of their rights.

Education should be free or affordable because, we all need to learn and adapt our skills. I don’t think you should put an age gap on learning. You could be 60 and have to go through a systems upgrade in your job. You still have to learn the way to use new software or even have training in those departments. We cannot be ignorant towards learning or think that people can afford to learn.  Some people cannot afford toilet paper where I just came from, hence the violence.

I think people who do not encourage their children to learn have the worst problems because they are not enabling their children to get away from the violence.

What I am trying to inform people is that you don’t have to live in Pakistan to feel the brunt of ignorance; the lack of respect for education. The lack of knowledge for empowerment. 

Honestly, putting people through £61,000 worth of education and then not providing jobs is stupidity. The elite are always suppressing people. They too are like the Taliban. Go back and take as many subjects as you can and enrich your lives. Re – read Marxism because this phase of manipulating people to the point where they are senseless is beyond a joke.

Time for change across the world – as a person with a certain level of education has been taught how to critically analyse a situation: 

“if you continue bombing another country and not actually dealing with your own people – chances are you are breeding your own terrorist’s!!!!”

This is what scares me the most, the lack of education to even rationalise that thought process. Critical analysis is not a gift, it is a part of the learning process and it is not a fabrication. Once you have fully established an argument and structured a basis for arguing and researched points – you add value to your reasoning.
Some people like arguing – it’s okay to like it but really do you have any evidence to back your waffle?

It’s not weird or wonderful when people are in a state of ‘anime”, if you do not know what this means….. believe in the powers of educating yourself: we all have the Internet now.  You can do it! It’s the beginning! Then you inform everyone else – this makes the butterfly effect for change.

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____


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