I love not having to be rude anymore!!!

I just politely smile at people and they smile back; I don’t hear swearing anymore or anything negative; I actually feel quite positive, oh – my favourite part….I sleep properly.

I have no more back and shoulder pains. My feet just ache. I like that my feet ache because it means I have been very busy trying to organise my life again. I could have sat around feeling super sorry for myself but I haven’t. The most dangerous thing about this whole experience is – if someone does hire me I would be so dedicated I would kiss them daily for giving me the opportunity.  We are talking daily kisses so they feel positive and it produces the most excellent work ever….

If I come across a negative person – the first thing I tell them is;

“I faught so hard to get here – I know I have to fight even harder to stay.”

It’s worth the love in your life for a country that fits your own growth. The one where you actually make friends and feel comfortable so you can continue working.

Yes, it’s worth trying something new so my shoes fit. I love the feeling of it all because I was just so uninspired, I tell so inclosed and so wrapped in my own chains. Like a social injustice had swept over. It wasn’t guilt – it was a feeling like my world was collapsing and I had no opportunity; no prospects of a future and the people I was around were not able to stimulate my own wellbeing enough for me to want to stay.
It messed with my motivation, my own goals …..

I can smile with a little relief that no one is around to hate me – so much –  they would destroy opportunity and hope. I didn’t come here empty handed and I intend to leave enriched.

I think it’s wonderful I do not have to be rude any more. Wow my whole aspect of life has changed. I am fighting for my life but not under extreme pressure. Wow! It feels better. I don’t have to be rude anymore. It’s a dog eat dog world and you just know you have to have a better relationship with people.

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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