Sex education is Taboo – no matter how old you are


The awkwardness of talking about sexual education is both weird and wonderful. I Suddenly realise how maturity shines through when you have the ability to discuss sexual gratification and also the prospect of experimental moments; without giggling. I do giggle when I am with the right person.  It is always difficult to talk about. It is private.

In class, I was not taught about the nature of relationships. I was not taught sex education properly; there were diagrams which made me fear male genitalia. No seriously, I waited until I was 18 before I had sex. I just thought about the female diagrams; they don’t explain the muscle stretches. They do show birth and it is scary. Everything is based on fear. 

I did not have pictures of STI’S or STD’s; I went to a Catholic all girls school. God didn’t come into the experience, technically, the nativity is about a  Virgin whom became pregnant, boredom and ridiculous springs to mind. The story is like the ‘chicken and the egg. What came first?’

The conversations where about babies and birth. It was still poor. I had a friend who lost her virginity at 14: the legal age of consent in the UK is 16 and Teenage pregnancy is so typical; believing children raising children would break the cycle – not likely.

I have heard some women say after they have had a child so young:

When my daughter or son are teenagers we can go out and socialise.”

“I can always try studying when they are older – plenty of time for that.”

“If do not want to go back to work. I can always find someone to impregnate me.”

The last one shocked me because I know a parent of 3 children and she has been working in a hospital for years. It is soul destroying when you see young mother’s having a bad reputation,  just, based on the opinions of a handful.

Being able to nurture a child after contraception has not worked takes courage. It takes a lot of love. The comments above are from people whom like to say they have nurtured their child properly but their child has not passed their  G.C.S.E ‘s or A-Levels or a Vocational qualification. The parents themselves are not esteemed; this is the most common occurrence and does cause problems for a child later on in their lives – the child is probably, unable to find work for example.

This is the common occurrence and why some mothers with 3 children are so happy to give their child the most advantage by telling their scary story over and over again so the child stays focused.

I am not one to assume but everyone avoids the sex talk with kids. It is becoming harder because of porn sites and even more emphasis is brought to our attention when women dominate the field of the porn industry.

Men are just objects in porn movies, there is no intimacy. However, Europe are the ones whom are into sex toys and the whole barrier crossing over.  It is with regret that 50 shades was written, because the woman is the subordinate. 

Talking to children about these things is pretty scary. I think it is like getting them to grow up way too fast and not have a chance to be themselves. I feel we have to take things in stages. I just think that we can be open – but then, leave room for them to be suprised by the wonder of how extreme it has become. I think this is why people stay in relationships because they are suprised by the wonder and amazement that someone wants to be intimate.

Oh the competition is really intense out there – guess what???? I am not bothered – If I want to have fun I can; the dating sites let you. However, now there are further problems with that. I really do not want to be with anyone right now. I just want to be happy with me. It has taken me a while to think about enjoying sex. 

I don’t think I really had enjoyed it in the past. I was pretending to enjoy it. All due to the fear. Now I would like to enjoy it. So, shall we all. Is it not just weird and wonderful that people in their 60’s are satisfying themselves lately. 

Oh dear!!!! I think it is rather Taboo -: your private life is your private life. I learned my lesson last year… I realised I would like to keep that sort of frivolous behaviour out of my image. I maybe getting old but I enjoy life.

Good luck explaining sexual education to your children. I feel I want to be: open and honest. It will save me having to make up a lie.

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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