Land of the midnight sun: “I love your skyline!”


One word to sum up my love for how weird and wonderful norway is….


I am learning to pronounce with more diction. This is reducing my anxiety as I approach even situations with cashier’s as light – hearted.  I am beginning to enjoy the approach. I have many things to do so in order to make sure I remain focused – I will stick to my list.

The indegiounous people living in the lands of the midnight sun love organisation. Prime example: IKEA….

Lots of people may think I am mocking them with this approach, I am not, they dominate the market of organisation; respect and credit where it is due. Thank you IKEA for giving me structure.

Moving is not easy. I was about to live out of my suitcase but My mom organised me on our trip to IKEA half a year ago. So, you can see the link. Organisation and my approach is different.

Stress can be reduced because you are in a new environment. You want to be able to find your items fast. So, being organised is key. The working hours have increased and the impact in social lives is seen. However, the land of the midnight sun is clinging to tradition.

Things I am looking forward to:

Christmas ~ Jul

17th May ~ Eidsvoll

The constitution day is May 17th this is particularly important because of the pride and the respect for the land can be seen by the people.  Many feel uncomfortable about this – I don’t. I value their cultural aspect and I actually would like to see them enjoying themselves.

Back to the skyline …. it has a different hue to dark or orange. It has been snowing. I am looking forward to Christmas.

Weird and wonderful signing out xxx

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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