BBC NEWS Summary Weird and wonderful “Peake: What will the astronaut be doing in space?”

No,  I didn’t think “space stuff!” (Rolling my eyes at the simplicity of that comment.)

Here is what I classify as WEIRD:

They named the shuttle ISS… so whenever we talk about ISS we make sure we are not talking about Daesh, formly ISIS. However, what’s really sad is that the rocket that went into space is called that meanwhile, innocent children are being bombed at in Lebanon…… I didn’t think Daesh even reached Damascus!!!!

This is crazy…. I mean weird and I don’t know. Those poor children I saw on the news deserve more respect than having a rocket called ISS…. it’s wrong… what about calling it:


since they are investigating the inner ear. This is so embarrassing. I like life… it’s weird and wonderful. So glad I am intelligent enough to link the dots.

Stick to what it is all about and be honest and above board – it’s a rocket but that’s like rude. I am not even from the middle east… I just saw some news clips with some children with blood on their face and bombs. Enough is enough!!

Make it wonderful again!

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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