A Blighty Tale: “The British effect of Downtown Abbey!”


Without a shadow of a doubt – English people are atheist. When religion is discussed, it is to be taken as a respectable, not forced tone whereby people are not accustomed to the ideology of a higher being.

Now, in all retrospect I haven’t watched Downtown Abbey… but you cannot force me to watch it. However, it does display the culture of early 19th century; those ideals haven’t disappeared and nor have the values.

I had a discussion with someone who tried to force feed me religion. I mean – to the point where I couldn’t even understand the other point of view:

” I do not understand because God says I shouldn’t “….

I feel – if there is one- A god that is he sort….. of well gave use the ability to rationalise, or see another’s perspective. There is a word for it – compassion. And I lack compassion for those who try to force spirituality on someone without them having feelings for it.

It’s like being in love with Christmas but not having the nativity. I mean, really what is the point?

It’s weird and wonderful how we should judge Muslims for not having Christmas when they do have some sort of celebration they have Eid.

“No one gives a crackers!”

Just relax. Besides I am spending Christmas on my own reflecting on all the idiotic situations I have been in. Religion  is like the whole thing without the whole meaning of life.  It’s like a spirit guide to why we do things. A moral code.  However, I still do not understand. You cannot force feed me something in which I feel uninspired by and besides. My mind is open. As dangerous as that may seem.

Where the Christians here when I was about to leave?

No not likely…. they are busy preparing for Christmas. Enjoy Christmas… scrooge loved Christmas in the end!

I do think it is weird how I have covered the 19th century and I am sat in the 21st century and nothing has changed.

Weird & ₩○NdeRf#ll _____

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