Fancying someone is not as easy as people think….


It’s weird and wonderful how Oscar Wilde claims in his writings that you fancy someone not because of their car but because of the song they sing. Only you can hear this song by the way.

About 3 month’s ago I wrote about intimacy and I can honestly tell you…. I have no intentions of explaining how it works without Oscar Wilde ‘s quote.  Someone really has to sing a song only you can hear. It has a special tone and it is like a low hum.

I like the ones who behave like they are suspicious if you behave in an over zealous manner towards their humming. Imagine a bear would raw, or, mumble, or, mutter, or, give a slow huff expression. I  think most women prefer a peacock ruffling it’s feathers.

I think  peacocks are attractive to look at, so elegant, graceful, pretty feathers, puffy chests, has a lot of meat, but, when they ruffle their feathers it sends shivers down my spine. I just do not like peacocks. I like bears. It just depends on how you see the concept. One shy’s away and one is over the top.

I like the one who shy’s away after mumbling a tune at you. It is really like playing a game of chase me. I love it. I get so bored otherwise.  I must have tuned into so many badly noted men in the past; I like the ones who take a bit of leg work. It is also nice because you know they want you because of the mumbling in the distance. Maybe that was my stomach – who cares! 

Let’s just hope they aren’t walking around wounded. Imagine a border collier, whimpering away in the corner with a sad mopped expression. Just picture it: floppy ears and a whine; tail in between its legs. Oh dear! You must like border colliers. I do not like the whimpering.

Bears do not do this sort of thing!!!!! Bears are too busy, being busy: loving their own atmosphere and enjoying themselves in their own surroundings. They only whimper when you get to close. Extremely close.

This is why explaining my preferences of men is difficult because I am weird and wonderful. I just ruined Oscar Wilde – this is how I used to get into trouble at school; I have the ability to be creative. Oops!

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