Poo pellet lesson: “Don’t define your world in black and white…..”


This is a fantastic saying for those whom stereotype themselves or others around them:

“Don’t define your world in black and white because there is so much hiding amongst the greys.”

When someone judges you in a logical form and treats you like a victim. It is black and white thinking and the victim is stereotyped. It causes harm to both parties because people are seeing  both parties to be ignorant. Eventually the victim seeks revenge and this would be the shades of grey theory because of the plot of revenge.  There is no right or wrong to either situation and the person or people who cause the problems are unable to read between the lines either.

What is your worst black and white story?

I went to camp at 13 years old. I was a Tom boy. There were two girls who were always applying lipstick and wearing make – up on summer camp. I used to find them so materialistic and fake. I would avoid them.

There was a boy who was 6ft, he was not really attractive but he became my friend. One of the girls had said something to the boy about me so she could kiss the boy. I was not jealous, I was angry,  because they said all types of nasty things behind my back which were not true. The sort of gossip only materialistic people would say so I knew the source. I felt a little upset by it because I was friends with the boy – I did not want anything more than friendship and I also knew things they didn’t.

So, my revenge tactic on them was to put rabbit droppings in their bed. I mean, it was a collective idea because some boys and girls on camp helped me.  They didn’t like what these girls were saying behind my back. Another girl and I went back to the dorm with little poo pellets in our pockets and spread them all over the materialistic girls beds. I mean, we both made it look like these girls had shot themselves in the morning!! However, these girls had cottoned on. Opened their beds at night and began crying because they had realised how mean and nasty they had become. The other girl said:

“when you shot stir trouble, it ends up in your bed!”

Bearing in mind we were teenagers at the time, so this made me think about my adult life. It basically means if you do not see the full story and only want to cause trouble for others it comes back on you. The materialistic girls instantly apologised and said they had not realised everyone disliked them because of the things they had began to say about others and myself.

All the boys waited to hear the reaction. It was priceless, they had moaned to everyone about the incident but no one would help them. The boys all kept repeating what the girl from my dorm who carried poo pellets had said:

“when you shot stir trouble, it ends up in your bed!”

It was amazing because it was a collective decision of clear boundary messages.  Everyone had agreed on the whole understanding that everything is not black and white there are shades of grey. I did enjoy camp afterwards because these girls tried to become my friends and aplogised for their behaviour. However, I was cautious after the incident; I remained myself but I laughed with my friends about how we could finally enjoy ourselves without feeling like everyone is talking about us all behind our backs.

These girls were not expecting people to show them they had been malicious. They could not believe that everyone agreed to the way we plotted against them.

Through discussion with the girls  after the incident, they finally found out that the tall boy they liked: had seriously not cleaned his feet for 6 weeks. I told them he had informed me of the black clumps forming around his feet and his footwear did smell awful. All you had to do was stand 1m away from him and you could smell the foot odour.  I was not inclined to warn them before the poo pellet incident because they had been so judgemental.

Therefore, the moral of the story is not to be mean and judgmental to other’s. Yes, even in the adult world we can behave with such disappointing manners. There are always shades of grey and you do not know if you can get along with a person if you judge them all the time.

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