It will hurt, it will take time….


I love these picture messages with such aspirational quotes. Let us repeat line by line with notes to oneself:

It will hurt

I feel I do not want to hear that it will hurt but it is true it does. There is nothing wrong with honesty. Life is like a roller coaster; you have speedy down drop moments that make you feel as though your heart was re- swallowed.

It will take time

I feel I am patient. I can go the distance and face challenges in a rational manner. Time is a healer. Recovery is good. I feel I acknowledged my recovery. My ego hurt tremendously, I did not think I could recover but I have. I am willing to change.

It will require dedication

I feel I am always dedicated. If you throw me negativity on top of what I already have to deal with – I have to come from a different angle or apprach the situation differently. I feel a lot of people want what they want and are not willing to support other’s on their dreams and goals because it isn’t what they want. Do what you need to do and in order to do this it takes self – dedication. Also a love for yourself because no one else will be as dedicated.

It will require willpower

Oh my word yes. Will power is not something I wish to take for granted now. I felt so unrecognisable to my own goals without motivation. Not everyone wants to see people with the strength to break the mould these days. They would rather break people and say it is a test of their character, it isn’t a test of their character – it is you not willing enough to be connected to that individual because you are not a nice person. You have no desire to be an influence on their lives, I state this because I know what it is like to lose strength and not have enough willpower left – not even interaction.
You must be able to want to be strong willed and want to breath life into your goals and aspirations. I feel if no one else will help, then only you have the power with in.

You will need to make healthy decisions

I feel the healthy decisions are not based on fear, anxiety or any other stressor. Healthy decisions are based on the future – if you can plan a future then you are making a healthy choice. It may not be to everyone’s choice but it is your decision and sticking to the decision makes you stronger as a person.  Other people should not force their anxieties on to you thinking that you have to live their life for them or with them.  We are all different and I feel of people who say they’re there and suddenly they aren’t there appear in despiration to get you to choose something else – then they are not helping you make healthy choices. It is what they want: nor what you want.  Especially when people pretend to be supportive. It is false and fake friends cannot help you make healthy decisions.

It requires sacrifice

Sacrifice is one of those things not everyone would understand. If you stick to what you know – it is hardly a sacrifice. I basically had to close the door because family had not been willing enough to sacrifice their time for me, however, I had to sacrifice my time to be with them. So, I am sacrificing my time I would have spent with them studying and applying myself.

You will need to push your body to it’s max

Haven’t been to the gym but I know what stress feels like. When you push your mind to the maximum: the body is being pushed also.  Yoga is a nice balance. I tried Yoga today even though I have been ill. It is time for me to prepare to battle my conscious.

There will be temptation

I feel I have been on diets. I think temptation is to be expected. Just enjoy the weird and wonderful aspects of it all.
Just go right back on track afterwards. Be glad for the days of your goals be glad for the rest days of temptation. Remember to stick to the goals because you will feel better once you go back to the goal or matter at hand..

But I promise you when you reach your goal it is worth it.

Goodness me! I hope so!

Weird and wonderful signing out xxx

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