First learn the rules, then break them


“First learn the rules then break them.”

The strange connection between law’s and human nature of creating law’s and then breaking them. It is not weird and wonderful it is just weird. There seems to be a sort of inhumane cloud looming over Europe; the ash and the dust from Auschwitz is a distant memory but should still linger.  What had happened long ago created a moral code which turned into law’s.

Two wrongs do not make a right and rules are there to be broken. We followed some form of democratic thinking, to a point, then it turned sour; the twin towers and the Pentagon were both attacked. They said  we needed to have air strikes on Iraq and Afghanistan. Little did we all know that it would create hate; in turn, breed fear into us through retaliation in the form of suicide bombs and hostage crisis. We haven’t adhered to any law’s, or, rule changes from the UN. There has been one investigation based on the situation prior to the war on Iraq.  It just seemed frowned upon by the rest of Europe that America and Britain had attacked vulnerable countries without UN consent.

The rules were broken….
The politicians had spoken.

This has had a significant impact on the mental health and health of everyone in Europe, well it is deteriorating as we are desperately clinging on to socialist welfare which is being sabotaged by greed and corruption. Maybe this is what America wants?
Maybe the last fiscal crash was not enough for the insurance company’s…. they wanted to take on Europe after Obama care?

America does not have human rights. Europe has human rights and the rules are there to be broken and the politican ‘s have spoken.

Can the EU keep its humanity?
Are we about to lose the law’s which make part’s of the world envious?

Due to the health issues and the finacial issues, anyone who has read history has  made the association to most situations before  WWII. The moments of bleakness and the inhumane nature of people turning a blind eye on one another, was a big sign.
There were pandemics of diseases which wiped out millions of people. The World Health Organisation was formed post – WWII. They are responsible for the law’s in healthcare and are on a mission to balance out equality for health.

France changed their rules during the french revolution.  So it seemed only natural progression for Human Rights and the ideology of Europe being an happy one currency. The ECRU began to create barriers and borders through trade because of the currency. Any country directly outside the European Union that lived near it had to pay a levy. Not everyone wanted to lose there currency in fear they wouldn’t be able to balance their books. The cost of changing currency was too high. It was all about money and it lost the humanistic approach: the competition was fierce and every country had to believe in open boarders.
When the framework was so tightly knit and protected the terrorists continued to attack. Nearly half a century in and all the countries apart of the big conglomerate had formed some unification to protect the union.

Did terrorism break the foundations of humanity? Or was it greed?

Law’s are made to be broken and the politicians have spoken.

I am feeling as though the life we knew does not exist anymore. We had such happiness and compassion for one another. Such tolerance with decent understanding; we were not over worked until we reached breaking point which is the opposite of how we are meant to react towards one another.  Is this down to money?

Apparently, rules are their to be broken, even moral values or a sense of wellbeing for other’s.

Our social lives hang on a balance because the rules have been broken, the politicians have spoken.

I just do not understand the nature of the people at the top. Not everyone can be at the top. Not everyone can behave like a psychopath. Not everyone wants money: their families are the forefront.  Not everyone wants to break the rules. Some of us know the rules protect us. We can break certain rules but not the ones which affect the balance of how we live and how we are: crime and deviance, the divide of punishment and justice.

Are we about to regress rather than having higher thinking? Are we unable to get the humanity back to an even level?
Are people are seeing the inhumanity and reacting towards it with terrorism?

Rules are made to be broken. It is up to is to keep them, through actions and loss of morals. Integrity is such a good conductive way to be. Not everyone can be continuously honest. We are human and this is what makes us weird and wonderful.

As long as we do not have another fascist regime take over the Europe we are okay. It could happen in any country and this is all because of the responsibilities of sticking to equality. Even if it means we are not involved in another countries struggle of oppression – we need to give them a chance to find their own resolution and law’s. Letting people form a consitution for themselves is a revolution.

Revolutions are weird and wonderful. Revolutions takes more than a handful of people with integrity to want to change things for the greater good. Law’s are made through Revolutions: look at the French Revolution. It took more than a handful of people to make changes.

What if people in other countries whom have no human rights want equality and peace to work together? What if they want the rules?

Believing in humanity means having the faith that people will find it within their hearts to change things for the greater good.  All the terrorism happening over the world makes me feel worried because now vulnerable people are being attacked. There should be a moment where law’s have to change but are these people suited to the world created from previous fear?

What if imposing law’s which do not fit their society actually causes them to rebel further?

I feel having law’s which make a society feel repressed makes people rebel further. For example: When the law’s became apart of English Law’s or French Law’s 10 years later they rebelled and said -” I don’t like Human rights!” This is it, they aren’t German and they do not have to feel obligated to follow the humanity procedure. If they are okay with the monstrosities of slavery then – why continue modern day slavery? It is just a contradiction.

I do not agree with calling the people who participate in these terrorist acts: “islamic state”: it just feels like politicians are fueling the hatred they created and are continue to do so. Humanity law’s should be a message of anti – discrimination; however, we look like a walking contradiction. Humanity is about being concerned about not looking as hostile or confrontational. Humanity is about being peaceful and finding a decent resolution.

Oh well, rules are made to be broken. How weird it is and how wonderful it would be to correct the problem.

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