To make a difference in someone’s life….


“To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect.

You just have to CARE.”

Christmas time is such a sensitive time of the year. Oh my word…

Here is what I did even though I had no money:

Homeless man number 1, was sat outside the local shop in the cold. I could see him wrapping his head up with a coat, he was on the cold ground. I walked into the local shop, bought my items and noticed they  had some items on discount. There were 5 jam donuts in a bag.  I bought the donuts – separated the bag of donuts and gave him two. I was not sure if he was diabetic. I hope not.

Homeless man number 2, was sat outside a different local shop and was a different homeless man. It was cold but he never wrapped his head with his coat. He was just wearing a baseball cap. I walked into the local shop, bought my own items and spent money on a discount packet of wafer thin cracker crisps or chips. I walked outside and I handed them to him, carried on walking a way.

I told myself at 16, I wanted to be a philanthropist. My venture continues.
I did not give them money because I do not know what they will spend it on but I gave them food to help them on their journey.

Christmas is about remembering the weird and wonderful. It is about forgiving, living and giving! Xxxx

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