Why would we treat any illness in a negative way?


Note to self:

Not everyone is going to respect the dignity of other’s. Being who you are means you are empathetic and you understand how negative word’s can last a lifetime and effect someone’s recovery. Those negative thought’s people have are because they are either frightened, need support themselves, or, they need a hug.

I did not recognise the negativity until it was too late. Many of the people I worked with have had a negative attitude, been extremely hateful, spiteful, maladaptive. So many are out there with these extremely dangerous negative thought’s even racism creeps in. This is because people really are not able to get along in certain parts of the world and they need more support. Help, is not found in other people. This picture feels like it is an example of society unable to cope. They are not being supported in their own lives to not have those negative thoughts.

Having cuts in healthcare in public services – is not beneficial to anyone in society because a negative thought takes a life time to heal. Healthcare includes the wellbeing of individuals. Happiness means a good recovery. I will not quote anyone but I feel it is true. Your life is dependent on positive thought’s – not everyone in society is trained to help and assist. The experienced people who can empathise in healthcare also need support. 

Letting the government tell us how their friend’s will profit from healthcare will not help us feel like encouraging people to get better. Including mental health in regards to the negativity, needs further explanation I feel:

If you had someone tell you negative things all the time, including when you are ill; ending your life would seem the solution to your problem’s. It is not!  A smile and a good hug to make you feel better.  The way forward from family and friends. Support from colleagues.

Let us all live in hope for change. Make life wonderful for people again xxxx

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