Would you be so kind….


…… to be honest with me? I mean everyone is so pretentious these days. It is best for some honesty.

…….to be polite? I mean, yes of course be honest with me but be polite about it. One receives information and it may come across as misconstrued. 

…….to watch the body language? I feel communication is based on two lateral codes: non – verbal and verbal communication. Be kind, let it shine throughout.

…….to remember the best parts? We all have strengths and weaknesses but in order for people to get along; we need to remember the good in people to be kind.

…….to uphold dignity at all times? Yes – it is a two way street, but, note the value of your input will equal the value of the interaction you receive.  If you want to be treated with respect – earning respect is making sure a person is valued also.

…….. to maintain some level of empowerment? It is vital you inform people about their choices and also value their choices.

……..to look like you are enjoying yourself? Some countries become really offended if you are not enjoying yourself. Nice, cultural experience for many…. like the Philippines – most filippo people have an upbeat spirit. They take offence if you are not enjoying yourself but at the same time this creates a juxtaposition for themselves because they are not able to let other’s see they are human. (Give them a hug and let them not see you facial expressions!)

…….to be human? Keep it real. I mean, yes different cultures have different expectations. We seem to be falling out over some notion of religion, when, it’s all about culture and some cultures haven’t met with the 21st century.  Bombing the heck out of them will not help them to reach the level of civil decorum we all want!!!!! Also, we seem to be under a lot of pressure – “we are humans; robots are for films, books and entertainment. We are bound to make mistakes.” Relax!

……..to understand religion? It is man made. The entity of God is something unique and something no one should have power over you for believing in. It is personal to you. I remember seeing a Latter Day Saint person this year with his friend. He asked me: ” How is your relationship with God?”
I replied: “It is personal, between he and I. I do not really need anyone else coming in between my relationship with him.”
They left me alone.
It is your personal journey. Even if you are atheist and you do not believe in God but a spiritual connection to life – it is still a spiritual connection. We should not be so unkind as to forget your spiritual connection  or your likes or dislikes.

…….to not think of me as a number? Yes I have an ID number or social security number or a national insurance number bit working means good values and commitment. I am not committed if you treat me like a number and not a person. We all have needs and we all have lives outside of work. Pressures of work means we have to respect one another’s spaces and enjoy the time we have building strong teams to deliver optimal service. Attitude is reassured by acknowledgement. Positive aspects of life means Christmas bonus or holiday pay. Do not give these things up. Your body needs you to respect it.

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