“Don’t worry about DYING, Worry about not LIVING!”


Note to self:

I am on a path. People have said it is a path of destruction. I felt like my purpose and meaning for life had disappeared.

You know the feeling where you are trying to survive and you feel like you are not alive?

This was me: a nutshell of a former self. I felt like something was missing. I knew people were not right around me – they did not want me to be in a better place. They just wanted to make me think of negative thoughts. Through this I felt like my fight for survival in one place meant I was not living; so much so it was making negative thoughts of dying creep in.

Why would you make someone do something they do not want to do?

Without going into too much detail it does feel like being robbed.
I would prefer to be around people who respect myself for whom I am. I would like to be in a place where I can respect others and fall in love with myself all over again. In turn someone else can love me.

Loving yourself means you aren’t selfish. It means you aren’t worried about dying; you are worried about living. You aren’t worried about losing anything – you are worried about not having the chance to be around a person to share life with.

Why would I want someone to constantly take away the meaning and purpose from my life?

It is not selfish – it means I just think living and doing what I feel is necessary for enjoyment of education or communicating with people who are positive. It means, the person who hurt me before can no longer hurt me. This is not selfish – this is concentrating on something positive. Reaching goals and feeling like that person isn’t going to sabotage anything you need to do as a human being.

I just need to be around people who respect the whole communication part and understand the benefits of communication.

Life will not stop…. we just need better people to communicate with who are willing to:








Someone who is wanting to improve your situations and circumstances to help improve their’s;


Someone who is willing to help you improve on the skills necessary to obtaining your goals so both of you are mutually satisfied.


Someone who accepts your willingness to improve their situation or techniques which  will help improve yours.

This is living. It counter productive to have a negative person in your life who will not respect your personal wellbeing; who constantly robs you of your whole wellbeing.

Weird and Wonderful people – need reassurance in improving

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