“A mind is like a parachute….”


Note to self:

As much as I would like to make folly of the people who do not embrace the ideology of thought; I must feel it is inappropriate for me to make fun of individuals who are actually ignorant and have shown me this barrier. It upsets me because I make every effort not to put up barriers.

I am not going to hold back! Here are my thoughts; this may scare a lot of people. I do not feel like exploring the reasons why people behave the way they do. I just want to let them see themselves. Really, look deep down and see why people would treat you in such a manner. Have you really opened your mind?

So, you would like an example; sure, why not! I did not take kindly to a man who expressed his opinions on me and thought because I am mixed I would continue on the same path of disliking people for their ethnicity. Yes I will not reveal his ethnicity because I do not doubt he does come up against some racism; probably why he has behaved in a manner that comes across like he is petrified. However, I cannot behave like that:

Hello –  I am mixed – at what point does it justify you throwing your weight around acting like people should empathise with you?

Especially for the colour of your skin.

Did you even ask me about my circumstances or background? So kind of you to taint me with the same ignorant brush – I would still help you if you needed medical assistance or something – I will not play your game! Did you even think you came across as rude to someone like myself who is making the effort to get to know a culture and embrace it?

Did you think about the damage it could have on other’s from your poor stand point of ignorance?

How does it affect children or anyone who comes into contact with your negativity?

There I said it. Ignorant on so many levels to put the fear into a woman because of Race, or, anything that could be classified as racist. It’s your behaviour which sets the tone for the way people behave (Mr…. I am not sharing your name so I can continue on my dignatious path.)

Why on earth he spoke to me in this manner really had me thinking about the key important facts:

Never come across like an ignorant person. It will not benefit your backside.  If you want racism to stop: be open minded! I am sure people do not wish to be hostile to you; they just wished you made the effort.

They ask questions about background because of curiousity because they want you to be proud of who you are because: yes, they are proud of whom they are.

So, why let the perpetual nonsense continue? You want to try it from my perspective being born in a country who stereotypes and catagorises me and associates me with ignorant people like yourself. (Thank you Mr…… you really did not ask me about my background or felt like you were asking me politely. Have I taken offence to your remark? I think I have because I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I would try and convince you to change your ways.)

If you need to live in another country: learn a new language, soak up their culture and make sure when you are talking to someone with another ethnicity that you respect the heck out of their intelligence and you do not disrespect how hard they faught to be where they are now.  How very dare you!!!!

I know quite a lot of people are dying to leave their circumstances and situations – do it – embrace life, but, do not have the attitude of not being open minded. Be prepared to be insulted, if,  you do not want to let go of your tidal wave of hatred. Hate breeds hate.

Another example, whenever I visit Spain or Greece – I can always guarantee a full English breakfast.  Let’s be honest, you flew 2000 km to sit on a Spanish coast to eat not Churros or Tortillas but you travelled all that way to eat: sausage, bacon, chips, beans, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, fried egg and some black pudding?

The most expensive Full English Breakfast, if, you take into account the cost of travel!  Then you are converting the money over to Euros. After all – you are sat in the sun eating a full English breakfast with a nice handkerchief on your head; Hey! Nothing wrong with it – you asked the bar maid in English for a Full English breakfast…in Spain: it’s as though you never left home!

Honestly, it’s not like you can choke on saying the word “Churros“.  Who cares if you embarrass yourself? Get stuck in and learn something new and stop being so ignorant.

“¡Yo me gusta Churros y chocolata!”

Hmmm! It really doesn’t matter if you are black or white – ignorance is like a form of critical low for the brain and it isn’t right!!!

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