Research Shows Nutrition Improves Mental Health Better Than Prescription Medication | Spirit Science

Please watch the video clip to this. I have tried a high octane vitamin diet and I can tell you with out it your body feels like it is being crushed. There are specific times in your life when you need to really pay attention to what you eat and how important it is to have a very good diet with less processed fats.

Very important to stay healthy when turbulent times are occuring. Here is a study which shows the benefits of increasing vitamins and minerals in diets especially with mental health issues.

I have been on a huge vitamin D and fruit diet. It works for me – I make sure I eat fish so I am over exceeding the 5 a day allowance because the vegetables and fruits supplied are GM (Genetically Modified). Make sure you are eating organic foods with no added preservatives or chemicals. These cause imbalances in your body. If you want to restore your body think about your immune system and it’s responses. The immune system needs more potassium which is found in bananas and also it needs vitamin C.

Good luck!

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