A Blighty Tale: “The mask of the charity shop!”

Dear Citizen of the UK:

We used to have freedom of movement and business’ whom used to survive on second hand goods. It put food on the table for many people. It used to keep a roof over a person’s head – it used to be able to help you move with a little financial backing behind you. Not for the dead to not have their families in this habitual credit society which is how commerce thrives. On the taxes of those who were taxed before they passed. Effortlessly to take and then do not even bother thinking about the economy of the people who actually live here. To even balance out inequality. Eventually, the markets will collapse and the last standing business man will shed a tear on the exposure of such demise. As the banks and commerce have had their shares, equities and profit.

Forget pudsy a minute…. there are 3.5 million children in poverty and rising in the UK. Wake up!!!

Forget British Heart Foundation they don’t pay enough Taxes to cover the NHS… working people do. Wake up!!!

Forget volunteers for some other internship they will not be paying tax.

All charity is tax free…. hmm mm!  Nothing for nothing and woollen sheep.

There is no freedom of movement. You cannot leave even if you wanted to. It isn’t about having the latest gadgets, it is about freedom of choice and movement and the financial crushing because of capitalism or the benefits of a big cog. Stagnation isn’t good. It means, we are unable to have a job or move to a city or even have the chance to rebuild our lives.

You may think you are doing people a favour but seriously – you hold no bounds to the limitations you bring upon people who need to be somewhere or do something. You never think about the people who need the money to survive. They would be able to sustain the economy.  Wake up Blighty you are 15th richest in the world. You are not worth tuppence!!!!

Wake up!! Stop chastising one another and wake up!! It’s habitual and very systematic. How they have pulled the wool over your eyes and tried to make out they were doing you a favour.

Give people jobs and let them work by giving them freedom of movement!!!! I am not on benefits and I give my two fingered salute to the watering down of the economy.

This daily rant was brought to you by Weird and Wonderful.


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