What does “Man – Up!” Actually mean?


“Only insecure boys will belittle a woman. The greatest way to “man – up” is to empower women.”

Note to self

Bloggster and Plummet both decided to do an activity together. The couple had known one another for a few weeks.
“A Tennis match needs two people,” said bloggster. “You are better at tennis than I am,” said Plummet. Bloggster replied with enthusiasm: “Yes and I am going to kick your lass,” Plummet played for a while…against Blogger “It’s no use you keep winning!” Whereby bloggster replies… “You really are crap!” Plummet…”I do not wish to play any more.”
Bloggster…. “amazing I won.”

Do you think Bloggster is showing he cares for his friend?

Do you think Bloggster should have asked Plummet if they want to improve their technique?

Do you think Plummet enjoyed the Tennis match?

Do you think Plummet is going to play Tennis again?

Take heed to the notification of resemblance of a true man. In his eyes you’re weak without the two of you combined and he knows you need to be empowered. It is counterproductive for anyone to be belittled or to be  systematically emotionally abused.

“Man – Up!” Don’t be a troublesome individual who tries to trample on a woman so much she cannot do the things she needs to do as an equal. “Man – Up” and show support.  Even if it means showing someone how to play tennis to compete against you, it’s the little things in life that count. Competition is better when someone is treated as your equal -you can discuss things in more detail or feel more enriched from having a discussion based on the activity and making improvements.

By the end of the day some people come into your life and they try to use you.  It’s okay, we all have needs.  Recognise this factor and utilise it with all its strength and soul purpose.  You cannot be a woman alone in this world; it isn’t possible.

Look at Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City. She had to be with someone, it was inevitable.  She did not choose Aiden because he broke her heart; he began to belittle her. She went to the person who had not even under minded her confidence or knocked her spirit. If you watch the end of the series again: The french man was the worst one and it was Mr Big who rescued her.  It’s true, you always find someone who understands you. To help you move on or someone who can help you move on or be a better person. 

Slowly but surely you will find a man willing enough to be emotionally empathetic where you do not have to do much – just be there. Being there for someone is easier than being alone and having to go through emotionally withdrawn moments in life. 

Who are we all?

I ask myself this question everyday. I have to admit I didn’t like myself much for a long period of time. This is because of the way I had been treated. I wouldn’t very well like to treat a man the way I had been treated – it would not be beneficial for them to feel as though they cannot cope or that they are useless.

I feel behind every strong man is a strong woman; the reflection is the unity is based on communication and a mature sense of wellbeing.

Of course, I have an  immature personality , a playful personality  and a very sensitive personality; who doesn’t? 

I want to believe in the impossible right now. The possibility of the impossible becoming a reality. It is not achievable by myself. I have help and so far I have made friends with man whom empower and inspire.

I do not want a boyfriend or a husband who doesn’t “man – up” and let me build him up also; I do not even treat my friends with this kind of lack of disrespect. It just will not work any more.

Think about it…. you come back from work – you don’t need to be negative towards one another. It isn’t beneficial – you will get depressed faster.

Trust is a huge issue for many – as soon as you put yourself in a situation where you need a confidence boost; guarantee it is with someone who can do that because not everyone will be willing or on your wavelength. 

The true meaning of “Man- Up!”

To man up isn’t just about having a boyfriend. Male friends or even female friends need to behave in this supportive manner. I do not understand why people have to step on others and not understand; you can gain everything from someone and you have nothing to lose.

If someone needs help; be there and  physically help them out. Stop making excuses, help.  It enriches your life and expands your networking for business, pleasure and also knowledge. 

There is no love and understanding when you get to the point where you are belittling or being belittled; abuse is abuse.

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    • I was trying to make sense of it all too. I felt like our lives have been nothing more than a blanket of who has what. Everyone has something to offer in this world but “man -up” from a relationship point of view from a woman’s perspective is to have that gain of sort of motivation from the sense of we are here to encourage. I see no benefit to women not acknowledging their relationship has faults if a man is unable to motivate and encourage. It means they are not able to do the same for society.

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