“My cat is sad because life has given him many, many lemons…. “


“My cat is sad because life has given him many, many lemons and he cannot use them to make lemonade because he is a cat.”


My uncle told me cats really do not like the smell of lemons. My uncle, (the funny man) used to spray lemon juice all over the sides of his lawn to deter the cats from using his lawn as a toilet. However, everyday he would step in cat faeces, in different locations on the lawn. So, of course they do not care; cats will adapt and make lemonade if they really needed to. Except they do not need to drink lemonade; it’s not part of their diet. So when I think about cat’s and lemonade, I feel I am too rigid.

Let’s give the cat a name, like Mr sparks. One day Mr sparks decided he would visit the local pub. He jumped up on to a chair and received a stroke and a cuddle from the bar maid. He needed not to ask – his drink was all prepared for him by the busty maid.
On top of the counter was a nice bowl of milk and some wiskas.

Weird and wonderful Mr Sparks is happy without a care in the world. He is so not bothered he decides to take a trip to my uncles lawn again, because he had a hug from a busty bar maid and his top up of milk. Life is definitely a funny turn of events…. let’s just laugh at it!

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