“Be with someone who puts down their phone…”


“Be with someone who puts down their phone and listens to how your day went.”

I like to make an anagram, purely to help people. I mean, I value people and I know that I find certain individuals use their phone too much. It’s okay for them to do this but then do they value the relationship they are in?

I ntamacy

N eeds

T alking

E ntertainment

R elating

A ttentive

C ommunication

T ime

If you need something – then communicate it. I do not know why we live in a world where certain things are meant to bring us closer to one another but yet they tear us apart. We are humans not machines; we need a very complexed way of non – verbal communication:

Touch, eye contact, body language, written communication, sign language, smiling, proximity

Then as humans we need the verbal communication and it needs to be at a certain tone and level.

I don’t know – many people think it is okay and I am old fashioned. We were not born with a phone attached to our umbilical cord. We are losing touch with our inner beings.

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