The Land of The Midnight Sun: Bear Necessities

Hybrid bears: Polar and Brown bear

Is it not just weird and wonderful that humans and bears have a strong connection?

I really wanted to investigate about bears and their history in Scandinavia. The content of this piece provides an insight into the ways in which a different culture may react trying to relate to others. When I discuss “being” this is a spiritual sense – it is what makes them “Scandanvian”. As I discovered “the land of the midnight sun” has a natural and simplistic way of being, in terms of their culture; out of love and respect as they have shown me nothing but kindness; this is how I see their nature.

The resemblance to  bears is truly magnificent.  I actually feel like Goldilocks and the tree bears moments will arise; it has – especially when you try the bears food; it is like ambrosia.

I mock different types of bear cartoon characters because these people are nothing like these bears – you are not dealing with: Paddington Bear, Rupert, or Ruxpin or the Care Bears as such. They are Care bears but mainly because they like to enjoy their environment: their attitudes and beliefs is for everything to function in society – they do not like to be altered or to have their lifestyle disrupted by inequality of adverse effects that will create inequality for their own kind. They do not harm one another – they find it barbaric.

Humanistic traits mixed with “the bear necessities” is  applied in Northern Hemisphere lifestyles because of the climate and is vital for production. Everyone in the world needs to be on par with this thought pattern, created by Emile Durkheim: Functional theory . Just see the production and wealth being balanced out by lifestyle and creativity reducing crime. If you haven’t had a sociology experience – I just explained it in a nutshell.  

Respecting the actual nature of the Real brown bear – the proud way a bear would prepare it’s home for hibernation.
When I mention hibernation – it’s  because of the long winter months. I had a debate with someone about social inclusion and the attempts of Scandanvian’s becoming more socially adaptable through social networking and social media.  However, if certain areas of “the land of the midnight sun” are not equipped with a meeting place or restaurants – it can make it rather difficult to have full social interaction; so social inclusion and alienation is more dominant – in Northern Hemisphere lifestyles.

You must not disturb bears in their natural habitat. This is actually quite harmful for them; space is necessary and they love their space. So, alienation is also of their own volition – they want the space because they are used to being solitary; Brown bears were hunted a lot at the beginning of the 21st century , so naturally solitary creatures and they love to eat in the summer to prepare for the cold winter months. This may reflect in humans, as the reduction of light also means there is a limitation of work time or things to do. When it is dark in the Northern hemisphere it is cold; temperatures could plummet to – 30 °C. Climate plays a big part on productivity and production.

Of course, I was going to associate the people with the bears; I came across the most amazing tales whilst researching about bears – I felt it was necessary to find some kind of a link or a connection to it all. I read a story called “The Lady of the Vanir” from “the tales of the norse gods” Barbara Leonie Picard, (2001). The Goddess Freyia was in love with Od but he was always away in battle. So, she decided to explore things in the kingdom. She came across a cave with jewels and things being made by dwarfs. She had an argument with the dwarfs about a neckless and stole the neckless. Loki another Norse god, decided he was going to steal the neckless back for the dwarfs from Freyia. Loki has the ability to morph and change into anything but he comes in a form of a blue light at first. Heimdall also has this ability and faught with Loki as a bear and won, so, thus I felt a mythical connection for bears in Norse tales. 

I have a lot of respect for history and I feel my uncle was always a keen learned man. He would voice his opinions on the history of his island and was very proud to be knowledgeable in the field. As I found more research I enjoyed the Norse collection  of stories and I felt more inclined to embrace the spirit of the bear. The fact that historically these battles of lands in the northern hemisphere were made before people had discovered other parts of the world. It could be argued that Siberians or Russians had made it to America before the Europeans because of Alaska and the proximity of the Russian borders. There has been links made to show American Indians were Siberians who trekked across the sea when it was frozen over to make it over to Alaska. The vikings may have made the journey also and the connection of Animals in the northern hemisphere are all similar. Brown bears and polar bears have been sited in these regions: Alaska, Canada Northern America, Russia. So the connection is made of the spirit of the people also.

According to A – Z of vikings by Katherine Holman (2009) Berserker was the name given to warriors who used to fight without weapons and had high tolerance levels to pain; so they were fearless. You can imagine in battle these guys would scare people because they would utilise the animal skins of the bears or wolves fur.
This is probably why people are vary wary of people from “the land of the midnight sun” because the term “Berserk” is often regarded as crazed.

A skaladic poem composed by Thorbjörn “hornklofi” meaning horn cleaver was the name given to the Norwegian King Harald Fine Hair. There is also another connection about wolf and bears in more Scandanvian literature: Eglig Saga. The Grandfather of Eglig was known as “Kveld Ulf” meaning evening wolf and his father Skalla Grim was a Berserker, both had raging tempers and were uncontrollably violent at times. Kveld Ulf’s rage apparently leads to his own death, and Skalla Grim also tries to kill his own son.

There are limits to rage and I feel through reading these stories it gave me an insight to war and the capacity of the fearless mind. In modern times “Berserkers” could actually have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . Such, a shame they faught such battles with their “bare” hands – all the blood spilt and nothing has the ability to wash away the actual thoughts, so, they want to continue the rage.

If you do not respect the nature of a bear; surely you shouldn’t be so impolite, or, disrespectful to walk into another country and not expect to learn the language, or, participate in historical sightseeing.

Beware of the bear

Yes, when you encounter a bear you should repsectfully clap and establish who you are according to bear encounters (2015).  He or she knows you are in their habitat.  This is totally natural for them to be curious about you. In human nature, curiousity can be seen as prejudice but you could be: German, Finnish, Russian, English, African, Mexican or Polynesian; recognise you are different and realise that you are in bear territory.  They will be asking you questions and wanting to know why you are there. Do not be afraid. 

Of course, they will be fascinated about where you are from, be comfortable and try not to be negative. Remember they are a proud people…

There was a joke between a friend of mine and myself; a simple love for their curiosity and the gift of how they want you to be in their country. So let’s see how I told the joke to my friend as “the land of the midnight sun” loves to make sure animals are treated with respect also as How to survive in Swedish Nature (2015) describes your encounter with an actual bear:

But if you’re ever ‘lucky’ enough tjo meet a wild bear in Sweden, strike up a conversation and make sure the bear knows you are there. Clap your hands. Whatever you do, don’t run. Back up away from the bear without turning away from it. Keep talking to it calmly. Go about your business.

There have been bear attacks against humans in Sweden, but they are extremely rare. ‘Large predators in Sweden do not normally present a danger to humans. There are, however, certain situations in which predators could cause harm; that is, they have the capacity to harm,’ says Benny Gäfvert at Sweden’s Large Carnivore Centre. The rare situations Gäfvert refers to are likely to happen in occurrence with hunting. So in general, common sense is enough to keep everyday hikers like you alive.  As long as you don’t corner or attack bears, they will leave you alone.

This carefree bear like character runs through the heart of every one in the land of the midnight sun. Admire the bears! For they love to look after their surroundings and if you leave them be then they will do this to you also.

Blighty has a lot to learn from this behaviour. I always use a colloquial expression  for the UK.  In Blighty no one votes – no one cares. The hospitals are run down e.t.c – it isn’t pride – it is a shambles. I mean to a point where things are so run down in parts of the country like Birmingham, or, little towns like Oxford or Nottingham; it is embarrassing.  Take pride in everything around you and it will not be awfully uncooth.

Hospitals are failing in Blighty; no one cares!

Schools are putting pressure on kids to perform; no one cares!

More people have mental health problems in Blighty; no one cares!

Your food is processed and fresh fruit is expensive; no one cares!.

There is nothing to do apart from shop in Blighty; no one cares!

My all time favourite thing to rant about at the moment:

Women are abused in Blighty; no one cares!

Just no one cares and everyone is sad – they all go around making titchy comments or being negative. They all make nasty excuses. No one wants to take responsibility in Blighty and no one cares.

In the land of the midnight sun, wow – if you aren’t caring: you do not belong! I haven’t even seen unkempt children. The Scandinavian version of a poor child is someone who has a very thin woollen hat and most of the children are not wearing labels or designer gear; they are happy because they are not into designer labels – unless it has purpose.

Imagine what a bear likes – all the comforts. Why on earth would any human being not want all the comforts and to work together as a pack to formulate this communal agreement? I mean this is why Scandanvian people are so close – they not only look after their communal spaces – space outside their homes; schools, homes, travel – the healthcare is clean. The different areas are called “kommune” everyone in that space knows one another; they make sure everyone in that environment is safe.  Why would a bear not like these things?

So – yes; I realise this is purely on the basis of equality and an affection for a people who have the right to be proud.

The elderly in Blighty are proud but they are frustrated with the lack of respect for their lives. They are frustrated and hurt by the apathy and the discontent attitudes. At no point does anyone have to abuse anyone in a nursing home or hospital; at no point do you shout or raise your voice at someone to make them feel threatened so they cause acts of violence.  Break the cycle. Change your attitudes – change your life.

Bear initiative: if you need to be innovative or creative – just to form a different aspect; education is the key. If you need to understand another culture learn and ask questions. Bear ‘s will ask and they are bold. Why hide from their amazing ways to create things or have the intelligence to mould and create things?

Intelligence is their main goal: to learn. If you read all about Emile Durkheim and theory of functionalism – you begin to see the environment taking shape to form these intelligent patterns. Communication being highly important. Mark my words these bears speak half a dozen languages in the Northern hemisphere; in the land of the midnight sun they will communicate to a point where they have extracted their information and they will have a different view or a calm approach to handle the situation.

Look for the bear necessities: The simplistic way of being compassionate and defending your homes and livelihoods. Empower people so they make good life choices and help when it is necessary.  It is all necessary – life changes and we all need to look at the spirit of the bear. Good old Baloo from Jungle book; how he was happy and carefree – enabled a friendship and reinforced the attitudes of defending yourself against bad things. It’s true.
Why change it?

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