Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay!


“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay. You’re not here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.”

Note to self

At what point do you need to justify your whole wellbeing to people to the extent that it leaves you vulnerable.

At what extent do you feel the need to justify who you are to others just to help them realise what your life goals are and your achievements.

At a job interview: who cares… do your job… those are your skills…. that’s you laid bare… you as a person being able to deal with your stuff on a level.

At university: who cares just do your work… that’s your ability… that’s you laid bare….. you need to be able to be respected and represented to give yourself value and purpose in life.

With your family: who cares – the values they instill upon you isn’t your journey; they don’t breath for you – they cannot walk everywhere with you. Yes – they tell you what to do – yes you can value their input and influence. However – it is up to you to be decent.

With friends: I choose them wisely…. if you are not in my life right now and you were from my past this is because you haven’t been able to be strong enough to go through it all in life. I let go because you are negative. Negative people cannot help – because they see the world as bleak and they feel helpless themselves – it takes more than one person to make the journey. Learn from this…. you aren’t with me now because you behaved in a shallow manner and thought about enforcing your views upon a person who has to make that journey – you never had the courage to make or you couldn’t even perceive the outcome because of your own fears and doubts.

With yourself: At no point – do you have to take on the responsibility of burdening yourself with mindless idiosyncratic, prejudice, malicious, vendictive, validation. Break the cycle: it leads to depression if you are unable to unburden yourself as bare as you have. Imagine your reality and take charge of your life. At no point do you feel you have to be subjected to another person’s views without them knowing the full extent of your journey.  Just cut them out if they are negative.

At no point does anyone have to push themselves through depression or anxiety; just because they have lost themselves in a world which doesn’t appreciate their journey. Stop! Choose to live your life after the trials and tribulations the way you feel is necessary to recover from such difficult times. You do not live for others… you need to justify yourself with yourself – give others the strength to believe it is possible.

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