Home is not a place it’s a feeling; hjem er ikke et sted det er en følelse


“Home is not a place it’s a feeling”

I am totally in love with my future because I found a new home and I would agree; anyone’s wellbeing would be boosted by the prospects of being able to achieve and love.

I just think of perfect moments:

– The Mountains;
– The forest; 
– The fresh air;
– When it is freezing cold it doesn’t reach your bones;
– It rains heavily but it feels like a cleansing;
– When you see people smiling you fall in love with them because they smile back;
– When you are on the bus and you almost fall over, a person reaches out to catch you;
– Their staple diet is fish, pasta and pizza (the latter is not my favourite – but the top two are winners)
– They have ergonomically friendly equipment for health and safety reasons.
– They are actually procedural;
-The trains and buses are always frequent and on time;
-Travelling on the tram is awesome;
-Everytime I visit I am never board;
-They love the metal goddess in me;
-They love my good nature and do not accept anything less and I receive it back.
-When you just know you see the Mountains on the horizon and you are home.
– I left my heart there.
-When you see the mist on the peaks of the hills and mountains your feel your jaw fall in awe.
– When you can ask for directions and there is always a map if your mobile phone dies.
– There are too many things to do it feels like you want to spend the rest of your life participating in it all – because you miss your close friends, and loved ones; but you have found home. 

Jeg elsker deg. Jeg håper dere er min hjemme nå. Jeg ville heller ha dag. Xxxxxx

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