15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do


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  1. I agree with many of the things on this list, although I don’t subscribe to their initial presupposition that mental strength is correlated with having good life, being successful, and happy. I think that many people with the most emotional strength have really hard lives. They suffer, they lack basic resources (like most of the people in 3rd world countries), and they may not be successful in the productivity-oriented, money-focused capitalist sense. A lot of people who violate number 11 on the list, because they do have to do things that they don’t want to do in order to survive poverty under global capitalism, have a lot of mental strength. Just surviving through that and enduring and finding a way to make life meaningful are aspects of emotional strength. Furthermore, I think that people with clinical depression who may lay in bed and dread the day ahead of them are strong in nontraditional ways. They may have a lot of lethargy, self-doubt, and emotional pain, but they are emotionally strong when they resist suicide during the worst depressive episodes that they can’t just think themselves out of with positive thinking or by making a choice to be happy (because they have a serious mental illness), and seek help. So, it’s subjective. I don’t think that a list can tell us what mental strength looks like. It really depends on your socio-economic status, race, gender, whether or not you are able-bodied or suffer from mental health issues, etc. It looks different for people from different backgrounds. Sorry to have gone on so long. This just made me think. Thanks for posting.

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    • You win an award….🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

      Let me break it down as you actually have pointed out the absolute vulnerability of certain say socio – economic systems; now, continuous trauma could result in these stages being necessary. I am about to post a piece on trauma and the effect on the brain and the symptoms merging into other abnormal psychological diagnosis.

      At first, I read this article about how it looks. Many are neglected and face multiple discriminating abuse. This emotional resilience can be, one of those coping mechanisms. I feel as though it is difficult for anyone to say 3rd world country any more – as it would make neglect and discrimination more prolific. There are many forms – when health care facilities are not affordable, or, the level of care is reduced a person could be using this coping mechanism to form so kind of barrier to changing society as such. The way mental health is reflected in countries differs and I read in some cultures they are able to embrace it and are able to assist in prevention through care.

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      • I hear you on the “3rd world country” thing. I am trying to find a term to collectively refer to countries where the majority of the people are living in abject poverty. But, there are also “third world” regions within wealthy countries, like the U.S. I consider my hometown of Detroit to be one of them. I guess we can just say places with severe poverty, so as not to otherize them. Anyway, thanks for thoughtfully replying to my reply. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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