You are not a Tree


“If you don’t like where you are; move you are not a tree.”

Note to self:
Stagnation is a state of mind. When you have everything brewing like a strong cup of coffee or tea; listen to it and extract those feelings and emotions.

Recognise your feelings and emotions. Prioritise the most important factors, be the person not a tree. Feel the pain and anguish; make something and turn it around. 

Do not remain stagnant because you are being urged to remain the subjected. You are urged to not feel but to ignore your own values, principles and actual ability to change.

Do not do this to yourself. A tree grows in one position and planting yourself in bad soil means you will not grow. It is not beneficial.  Move. Feel good about the decisions you made and don’t feel forced to be chained to root your self in a place that will not but nurture  you or benefit you.  Because life is about growth and we are not trees but we need to grow. We need to justify our own actions – fine.

If our environment is making us feel negative and frustrated: change it. Don’t just sit there and take anymore abuse, discrimination or recriminations. Walk away from bad situations and also, realise you must advance; take on a new venture and challenge your mind.

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