Being defeated is often a temporary condition…


“Being defeated is often a temporary condition… Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

Why is this relevant?

I felt that I haven’t given up. I am choosing my destined path. I am just going about it in a different manner.

Do you feel people push themselves into situations they cannot handle?

Sometimes, your choices are reduced and limited so you are forced to feel defeated. When you open up your options anxiety decreases. However, there are many other things which limit the way people can handle a situation. As I wrote Cycle of depression can you break it? I felt your options for happiness are reduced by feeling limited to express feelings. Recognising your feelings and asking How are you feeling? Means you want to resolve the issues within. You really want to change things around.

Do you think people give up because things in their environment force them to feel depressed, anxious, or stressed?

Yes, being aware does not make you weak. Being aware of your feelings and how you can resolve issues for yourself is beautiful because you need to realise people are all the same. Although helping other’s means you learn to deal with an up and coming event: Helping those who are not socially interacting.
It is necessary to try and change a person’s environment to improve their wellbeing. Helplessness is not just about feelings it is about an event that may of occured in a person’s life to make them feel:




Listening is a useful tool and being able to wait for the answers is crucial to being able to improve the person’s wellbeing. Yes, physically a person can make every effort but many times – life choices are important to improving the wellbeing of other’s.

Being able to challenge the government and improve things is a start but also being able to create a non – stereotyping situation is ultimately important. As you do not want to see a person give up. If they give up it will result in suicide.

There sometimes is no coming back from suicide.  Make sure you do not force a person in this direction because you will feel you played a part.

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