“How are you feeling?”


“I don’t know what I’m feeling!”

This is your depression, anxiety, and your stress clinging on to your mind.

You need to find a strategy which suits you best. No one should tell you to stick to a particular method because every one has different “triggers”. They could be the anything from a stress event: marriage, divorce, moving, university, relationship break ups. They all add up and they can affect a person differently.

Find your solution through discussion, trying out methods and most of all trying to change. Change is the hardest. Know your boundaries and limits.

You could try writing it down. I have seen some wonderful examples in word press.

You could try finding breathing techniques and yoga.

If you find it really difficult to clear your mind draw or try colouring in.

If you want you can make photography as your outlet.

There’s many things you can do to help your mind find a way to feel.

Try listening to lyrics in songs you have never heard before.

It’s not over until the wonderful in you is found!

If you know anyone who isn’t able to speak clearly – has turned mute or is beginning to withdraw from the world…. reach out! Listen to the things and try to repeat what they say. They may not make sense when they talk because there is an air of confusion to anxiety, depression and stress.

The communication in the brain is so swamped – repeating back what is going on is a sign of empathy. I wrote Unlocking the Secrets behind Empathy; it may help you to help others.

Good luck finding or making sense of your feelings.  We live in a fast world and our minds can become overwhelmed. Our feelings are not to be disregarded. We need our feelings to make sure we heal ourselves. I feel my inner voice is cleansed by the soothing discovery of my feelings.

I just say them out a loud freely now.  Expression gives everyone satisfaction but face to face, we should value feelings and respond to the way we would like to be responded to.

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