The land of the midnight sun – “dislikes inequality!”

Weird and wonderful would love to describe why things are unjust in the world. So I went to investigate why the land of the midnight sun is having great reviews for equality.

What is inequality?

Inequality is known as economic depravity or also known as poverty. Certain amenities like healthcare, social care, housing, banking, travel (buses, cars, trains e.t.c) is dependent on the government to enforce and regulate fair practices so the people at the bottom are not struggling or having difficulties meeting their needs. According to Inequality organisation 99 to 1 :

“Between 1983 and 2009, over 40 percent of all wealth gains flowed to the 1 percent and 82 percent of wealth gains went to the top 5 percent. The bottom 60 percent lost wealth over this same period.”

So, nearly 30 years and the total net gain of these 1 percent has increased to a whopping 82% pay rise! Now where in the world apart from “the midnight sun” countries are prepared to tax these people? Germany! Oh yes! Germany wins again. Bravo Mistress Merkel of Mankind.

There is a sort of relaxed pose or a relaxed mannerism to equality here. No – your healthcare is not 100% free, however, it is accessible and it is fair. I do not doubt it means people do not waste their time visiting the doctor – they will go for a reason. I had doubts about this system but the working hours in the “the midnight sun” are so flexible – families appreciate their time – also, you need to feel apart of something; deep and meaningful – like working for a charity- you get paid. Unless you specifically request to volunteer.
According to global issues organisation: poverty facts and stats(2014) 

“51 percent of the world’s 100 hundred wealthiest bodies are corporations.”

Imagine all those Wall Street and Canary Wharf CEO’S…. imagine Bill Gates! There are more than you could ever imagine.

“A conservative estimate for 2010 finds that at least a third of all private financial wealth, and nearly half of all offshore wealth, is now owned by world’s richest 91,000 people – just 0.001% of the world’s population.”

All that money being stored away in off shore bank accounts. Wow! Imagine Rupert Murdoch or Simon Cowell being able to run your lives. It seems inconceivable but it has already happened.  These are gentlemen whom have a gross net earning nearly exeeding to trillions of dollars.

What does this actually mean?

It means the world’s richest are overwhelmingly rich; they get to control the way the population feels about the system, or, the way they feel about one another.

These companies who are owned by the top are also disrespecting the rest of the world’s  law’s to balance or equalise society’s around the world. Continuing the stats from global issues organisation (2014):

“In 1960, the 20% of the world’s people in the richest countries had 30 times the income of the poorest 20% — in 1997, 74 times as much.”

Well, look at the amount of wars which have contributed to wealth. Blood stained development in certain countries. There is no need for it.  According to figures in Global issues (2014):

“Military spending in the world is a gross estimate of $780 billion”

What a waste of money! Surely you could have had a hospital for yourselves or better healthcare or better sanatary conditions or housing?

So you want one man to do the job when you should take pride in your country? Poppycock! You know it is true. It is up to the country you reside in to make those decisions to help your community not look impoverished or actually mean something. Looking down on people is great when you are on top but if you are in the middle they squeeze you so tightly you can hardly breathe. You are stunned. Global Poverty and Inequality: A Review of the Evidence, Francisco H. G. Ferreira 
World Bank – Development Research Group (DECRG), Martin Ravallion 
Georgetown University (May 1, 2008)

“The main finding of the study is that world inequality rose almost continuously from the onset of the industrial revolution until the First World War. During that period, the world’s Gini index rose from 0.50 to 0.61. Although inequality was also rising within most countries for which data were available, the real driving force for this increase in global disparity was inequality between countries, i.e., international inequality (see Figure 4).

Between the two World Wars, and until around 1950, a decline in within-country inequality was observed, but the rise in inequality across countries continued apace and proved to be the dominant force.18 The world Gini index rose further to 0.64. From the middle of the twentieth century onwards, the rise of global inequality slowed, as Japan and parts of East Asia started growing faster than Europe and North America. This process became particularly pronounced after the take-off of China in the 1980s. Broadly speaking, global inequality changes in the second half of the last century are much less significant than in the 130 years that preceded it: there was certainly a reduction in the rate of growth of inequality and, towards the end of the period, it actually started to decline.”

Now I know it could be argued, that Asia has the most poverty. It was up to the people to make sure that their society was equal. I know this seems a little like I am mean or I do not value people – but come on! If you all want better lives and you want to change things- why not make it a community thing? Why not challenge the government? Why not over throw the powers that be to make things like swimming pools/hospitals/ housing? Continuing on from Global Poverty and Inequality (2008):

“The second regularity is that the last two decades in the twentieth century saw resumption in the upward trajectory of aggregate within-country inequality, defined as the contribution of within-country inequality to total inequality.

The rise in within-country inequality prevented the decline in international inequality (which began, slowly, around the 1960s) from translating immediately into a decline in global inequality. Recall that global inequality is the sum of (appropriately aggregated) within-country inequality and international inequality. Indeed, Milanovic (2002, 2005) finds that global income inequality between people was still rising between 1988 and 1993, but appears to have fallen between 1993 and 1998. This is confirmed by World Bank (2005), which extends Milanovic’s data set by a couple of years.”

Huge significant leap before 9/11 isn’t it. Considering the world was beginning to balance it’s self out. Seems a little ironic don’t you think? As we really need to consider why things are unjust…

Why has travel been completely difficult or interfered with the world’s trade? As 9/11 was the collapse of the world trade centre it had a bad affect on the most impoverished countries in the world. They were bombed to submission. How? When things were beginning to become equal? Just ask yourselves this important question here – is everything fair at the moment? Who is in control?
By the end of the day the whole world went through a world war and the control was given to certain countries and during that time they established some Form of bond with Osama Bin Laden, who created Al – Queda with Government money. All sources found
By The Insider ;

BBC news article:

“…Bin Laden left Saudi Arabia in 1979 to fight
against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The
Afghan jihad was backed with American dollars
and had the blessing of the governments of Saudi
Arabia and Pakistan. He received security
training from the CIA itself.”

So what makes everyone think ISIS isn’t some made up thing? I had a chat with my neighbour and he agrees it is a little bit ridiculous now – every moment the media has they mention it rather than talking about the real problem’s in the country. For example…. how unfair is this? You really are going to need the drug if your autoimmune system isn’t going to work. They have boosted the price up to 500%  – how unethical is that?

Can someone please tell me why this drug needs to be so much?


Literally unethical right there. Some insane man decided he was going to increase the price. What about cancer patient’s? HIV and Cancer are both immune cell attacking diseases. Leukaemia – at $8,500; ARE YOU INSANE?????

Some poor child in the US is dying and their parent’s are forced to sell their homes for treatment. Unethical pile of dog crap! Scoop your heads out of the clouds and realise that is bad.

Honestly, how do these people live with themselves? How do they sleep at night knowing they did that to children and their families? It’s got to be funny for them.

Why the land of the midnight sun?

Giving is much more understanding the nature of one another to make it fairer. They are free to travel and free minded here. There are no boundaries to the amount they give. The conversations are helpful and bound with a tradition of respect for one another. I have never come across a person with the lack of intelligence to not be considered of as open minded, unless they participate in recreational drugs which impede their social skills. This is a harsh statement to make but it is fact; most of the “solen natt folkene”  I have come across will get drunk but not want to brawl or be anti – social. They go out to be sociable and interact.

Importantly, never be rude to them – they love manners and they like it when you are polite. They totally disregard anything untoward. If you are happy- show it…. Because they frown upon sad faces and it does not help them with their days when the sun isn’t around. Okay!

What can we do to change it?

Just change your attitudes. One day you may find you will end up ill or in need of something. There is no way you will become apart of the 1% just understand the community around you needs to be:

• Clean

• Have good healthcare that is affordable for all

• Good education

• Crime reduction

• Rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol

• Higher education facilities which are easily accessible

• community areas like parks and gardens

• Museum’s and a sense of pride in your history, free days for educational purposes.

• Freedom to travel: travel means tourism; leads to trade. Through this the sale of gross domestic products increases. You must make it safe for people to visit if you want to increase GDP.

By the end of the day – it starts with us and if they want to control society – then don’t let them take away your rights. “The lands of the midnight sun” believe in you upholding your rights. Do not come over being disrespectful to the way of it all… do not think that your voice is meant to be squashed. The whole point of being able to be equal is by announcing inequality and recognising their are things to improve. Do not think that these countries owe you anything but a service to function and a purpose to treat your wife with respect and equality.

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