List of Things In The World deemed Weird and Wonderful!

Some weird and wonderful facts. Trying to keep this as light hearted as possible because my next piece is an insight into inequality. This is a reflective piece for fun.



“People who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as their conditioner are truly gifted.”

My hair loves conditioner, it is weird and wonderful.  It makes my hair soft and manageable – I do not believe 2 in 1 products have enough conditioner. It is weird and wonderful I do not curse at the whole issue of wasting my money.



“The human brain is awesome. It functions 24 hrs a day from the day you were born and only stops when you take an exam or fall in love.”

Yes – I do feel like I have lost a few brain cells under pressure. I will have to confess – stress has actually lead me a long a very tiresome adventure. I didn’t learn until I had to truly relax my mind. I feel this is weird and wonderful – I cannot make choices that are deemed valid under these conditions. 



“Sometimes, people won’t understand how you feel until it happens to them, until they experience the pain.”

Must we go around causing harm to other’s to make them feel the way we do? How weird is that? Has anyone ever heard of Empathy? I already discovered everyone has empathy in unlocking the secrets behind empathy.
It is a gift to unburden people with a technique of understanding and also encouragement. Especially, when you know deep within yourself – you are hurting inside. You are all weird and wonderful… let it show!



Child geniuses” – they are amazing and wonderful. The answers are there in their eye’s. What we see isn’t what they see; it makes it better knowing there are a fresh pair of eye’s looking at things. Why force them to be something they are not? Just enjoy the unique entity of a child genius and respect the moment.



“When you are really drunk and people tell you.”

Have you noticed you always whisper. It is like an automatic response. How weird and wonderful is that? Actually if we break it down it is based on feelings. Our body knows it is vulnerable so therefore, we behave in this sort of protective state. When we are together in a pack we feel invincible when we are drunk. Alone, you catch us off guard and we feel as though the unexpected will happen. We laugh and end up in unexpected places.

Being drunk is definitely a behavioural trait of vulnerability. Take for example a wedding I attended. The bride was wearing two or three layers of underlays, then, her corset which was way too tight.  After the 5th glass of wine, she found her self crying and laughing in agony over her dress. We all had to undo her corset and find her evening dress because she was so convinced it would ruin her whole day. We unbuttoned her dress and she had bruising on her rib cage. We released her and obviously she became more drunk; waving her arms around, giddy and gasping at the air. It had been 8 hrs of her wearing a really tight dress. Free and relaxed she walked over to the dance floor and hugged her husband. He giggled at her dancing and had fun.

He then turned to her and said:

“Are you drunk!”

She lost her footing and fell on to him; finger on her lips; laughing. Lips really pressing on her finger:


Then she swirled around smiling. Free and happy she was married. How weird and wonderful is that?!!!

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