If A Man…..


“If a man loves a woman’s soul, he’ll end up loving one woman, but if he loves a woman’s face, all women in the world won’t satisfy him.”

Why is this so important?

We live in a world where we cannot find a soul mate. We live in a world where men have so much choice they cannot see the real you or they forget the depth of a woman.

I think this is both male and female related. You are just scratching the surface if you just see an attractive woman. We are all pretty and we can all apply make up to make ourselves look attractive.

A woman wants to be appreciated in all aspects and would like to get to know the real you. If she does then you have a chance of happiness. Instead of the “wondering eye” effect.

Wondering Eye?

When you absolutely tried to find everything wrong with a person and still think they are amazing – means you are not going to find another person. If you keep looking for faults you will find them in everyone. This is also known as “Murphy ‘s Law“….

Our minds are not geared up for social networking.  As many women and men find one another they stop looking. They just stop. They will not be interested in the millions of rejections out there. They would not want to feel negatively daily through rejection. They would want to be reinforced positively. It may be so mentally draining for a person to be periodically rejected.

Turning to friends to hook you up with the latest blind date seems like an actual mountain. Despite others thinking it is appealing – there does not seem to be flexibility of how you found the person. It may not be your thing. It is okay to admit to the person you would rather be friends. You may find some things in common and the bond may be rewarding. Never give up hope.

When you do find someone, the mind is trying to tell us to stop, be with the person. Listen to the feelings of your heart.  I think it is fair to say out of respect for the other person. Social networking should not be used. I cannot lie about my experiences. I tried but I can honestly tell you. Men really haven’t been overly attached to me.

I wanted to know if I was doing something wrong. I think it is a case of wrong time. I cannot focus my attention on the individual; they also cannot focus their attention on the relationship.

If this helps others then I truly believe you can all be happy. Happiness starts with ourselves and being content with what we have.

Accepting the unusual nature of individuals and their unique flaws is another sign of growth; internally we feel enriched the other person has touched our lives.

Weird and wonderful is my aim and Weird and Wonderful is my nature. I accept who I am. I think it is about time someone accepted me also.

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  1. I think of people like books. The cover may be what catches your attention at first, but it’s the richness of the story inside that keeps your attention. Sometimes I’ve bought a book, read it, and had no interest in ever reading it again. But there are other books that I go back to again and again. It doesn’t matter how many printings they make, or what the cover looks like now. It’s the story inside that draws me back and makes me want to go back to that world.

    People are initially drawn to what they find attractive. That’s just human nature. But physical attraction is fleeting. When you also fall in love with the person inside and all of their quirks, then the outer beauty doesn’t really matter as much. You don’t ever really see it, because when you look at the person you are seeing much more than how they appear.

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    • I felt like an open book at one stage. Then I realised I ultimately tempted my own chapters. At one point I felt helpless, as though I really had no choice. I believe I am not spineless or deceitful -: I come across this way because I have been treated badly in the past. I believe someone else may have a nice clean book to read but I fleet between genres and I become my own narrator; many would prefer, Morgan Freeman. I do think I travel a lot and I felt as though all my stories have been overlooked by many. I do not doubt that many feel the same but I do like the metaphor about a book 🙂 very good.

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