The Land Of The Midnight Sun

The diversity here is amazing. I mean this with the deepest respect. I have laughed at a few characters; their humour is sarcastic and wit. My banter is far more potent than I thought – but hey. As for the colloquial phrases, I feel it is better for everyone to know – just to amuse them about how boundless language is. They have two types of languages here: Bokmål and Norsk. To be honest with you – it isn’t all. There are different dialects and subtle undertones of relaxed conversation.

There is a love in the air; an imaginary string weaving people together. 
You just get transfixed on their wellbeing and how they smile at you with their eyes.


The warmth and love I have received over the last few days has been beautiful. I even gave a shop assistant a hug; discussed the tension in the country I currently reside. I just felt it was necessary to mention the crime and how I felt safe.

I feel so safe I actually agree to meet random strangers through apps like: couch surfing/ tinder – just so I can absorb the culture and speak the language.  I made fun of tinder – I like how men are honest and tell me they use it as a sex thing.

I love honesty: it hurts sometimes but it feels right. I felt as though trust was essential because many have categorised me in the past and I became highly offended because I felt – I do not stereotype myself: why would they come to that conclusion? Unfortunately those who are addicted to weed cannot see the errors of their ways.  Do you realise you are stereotyping yourself?

My father would be boundless and was called all sorts of names for behaving differently. I would dread to consider the list I have been given. However, the list has already been burned in my mind and I couldn’t give a flying cats backside if you want to push my buttons some more. I can handle it. I am an acception. I do not fight who I am but I will fight for my values and my principles.

It may seem selfish but I have had a good time to reflect on how I maybe able to achieve what I need to.

I like to be bold and strong and colour my hair in multicolours. Stroll into work with my doctor marten boots however, not all bosses are flexible – when they are flexible it means you can work well and be accepted.

I have not seen the working environment for the land with the midnight sun. It could be fun.

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